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News video games 21 June 2022, 11:15

author: Jacob Blazewicz

Redfall Can be Played Solo; Arkane: „We Remember of Our Roots”

Redfall may focus on co-op, but the team at Arkane Studios guarantees that in other respects it won't be a completely different game from the developer's previous works.

Redfall will not be a co-op only game. Arkane has already assured that it takes single-player gameplay seriously. Apparently, the developers felt it necessary to emphasize that again in a new post on Bethesda's official website.

As we read, Redfall will be playable solo from start to finish - and that does not include playing with AI-controllled companions. Arkane Studios will enable the players to explore the title island solo, without a party. Harvey Smith, the head of the studio, indicated that in this case the pace of the gameplay will be a bit more "exploratory".

Redfall is still an Arkane Studios game

However, will it make sense to play through Redfall without other players? You might think that a co-op-oriented title would lose a lot of its charm without them.

Arkane Studios dispels those fears. Yes, playing in a group will open up new possibilities for the players, enabling them to combine the abilities of all four characters (which are discussed in a separate article). As long as they want to, because each participant of the game will be able to choose any character, regardless of the others. So if someone wants to make a gang of twins, triplets or quadruplets - they are free to do so.

Arkane Studios ensures that they have not forgotten about their roots and the world of Redfall is to be as rich in stories as in the developer's previous works. The eponymous island will be full of not only vampires to kill, but also mysteries, which players will have to discover, whether in a group or alone. Fans of the studio should find something for themselves here.

A deceptive trailer?

So it looks like Redfall is not just another co-op shooter, of which there is a plenty on the market. Some players had such feats after trailer presentation during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, which was full of dynamic action. Another thing is that - as some fans claim - the same can be said about the trailers for previous games by Arkane. Perhaps the latest announcement is a response to some of the complaints from gamers that have been making the rounds on the Internet over the past week.

In the coming months we should receive more information, thanks to which it will become clear what exactly is Redfall. However, ultimately, doubts will probably be dispelled only by launch, coming in the first half of 2023. The game is scheduled for release on PC and Xbox Series X/S.



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