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News video games 26 October 2023, 04:13

Resident Evil 4 Publisher Reports Profits 50% Higher Than Last Year

Capcom's latest financial report shows that the Japanese developer and publisher is doing really well. The company earned 50% more than last year.

Source: Capcom

Capcom is one of the oldest developers and publishers in the game market, having been in continuous operation for several decades. The Japanese company has published a new financial report, the message of which is clear: "we are earning heaps."

Capcom's golden mountains

The report summarizes the financial results obtained in the first six months of fiscal 2024 (that is, from April 1 to September 30, 2023). It shows that compared to 2022:

  • revenue grew by 52.7% to $497.9 million,
  • profit increased by 56.7% and amounted to $168.1 million.

Other interesting information includes the fact that in the April-September 2023 period, the company sold 22.6 million copies of video games (up 1.3 million year-on-year). By the way, it was reported that Resident Evil 4 Remake, released on March 24, has already found nearly 5.5 million buyers.

Resident Evil 4 Publisher Reports Profits 50% Higher Than Last Year - picture #1

Source: Capcom

Equally interesting are the results of entire franchises. Here the leader is Resident Evil, which has sold a total of 150 million copies. It was followed by such series as Monster Hunter (95 million), Street Fighter (52 million) or Mega Man (41 million).

More details about the Japanese company's finances can be found in a document published by Capcom, which can be found here.

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