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News video games 11 September 2021, 20:16

author: GRG

Open Beta of Firefly's Romans: Age of Caesar Begins

The official website of Romans: Age of Caesar, a strategy game from the creators of the Stronghold series, has lunched open beta testing.

Open tests of Romans: Age of Caesar, a strategy MMO from the devs of the Stronghold series at Firefly, have begun. You can register and download the game here.

Gamers can play as administrators of ancient Roman cities built in isometric mode. Sixteen players take care of each city, and must take care of its proper development together. We expand the metropolis, gather resources, and take care of defenses against barbarians. On the map of Rome, we cooperate with other city governors, creating trade routes and coordinating military operations against other players (PvP mode) or enemies from outside the empire (PvE mode).

An important aspect of the game is diplomacy, and the necessary tools are prestige and senate points gained through effective management in all areas: politics, economy, and military actions. Thanks to prestige points we can become the leader of the ranking in a given metropolis. After that we gain influence on the city's general policy, for example, we decide on trade with other cities and we can get rid of other administrators. Senate points enable us to carry out scientific research, decide on upgrades to military units and increase our reputation. The player with the highest number of senate points is appointed Caesar.

Open Beta of Fireflys Romans: Age of Caesar Begins - picture #1
View of the city management mode in Romans: Age of Caesar

The title may appeal especially to fans of Stronghold Kingdoms and the Caesar series, which are the main sources of inspiration for the developers of Romans: Age of Caesar. The release of the full version is planned for 2022.

Romans: Age of Caesar

Romans: Age of Caesar

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