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News guides 25 April 2024, 01:41

Rotwood - Multiplayer and Coop, Matchmaking Explained

If you would like some assistance while venturing through Rotwood, let's see what multiplayer and coop options it offers. Also, let's take a peek on how the matchmaking works.

Source: Rotwood, Developer: Klei Entertainment

If you are a fan of Klei Entertainment’s productions like Don’t Starve, Oxygen not Included, or Mark of the Ninja, you are probably well aware that their new game just hit Early Access program on Steam. So far, the reception of Rotwood is great and many players leave positive reviews. Since the title mixes side-scroller with brawler genres, such combination is perfect to be enjoyed with friends. Let’s find out what multiplayer and coop options the new Klei’s creation offers and take a sneak peek on how the matchmaking works.

Multiplayer and coop in Rotwood Explained

Games are fun, right, but have you ever tried playing with friends? Yeah, me neither. But I’ve heard it’s a ton of pure enjoyment, so let’s see if it will be possible to play with frie… other fans in Rotwood. Maybe you will be able to poke them in the eye in competitive multiplayer if they fail your dungeon run in coop?

Well, (un)fortunately not – the game does not feature pvp mode. However, there is some interesting news when it comes to cooperation possibilities in this title, as yes, it does offer such functionality.

First of all, Rotwood allows for a classic online coop which makes it possible to pair up with any random person over the Internet. Those more social of us, who are brave enough to invite (or visit) other individuals, can punch magic forest creatures in a split screen cooperation mode. But wait, there’s more…

Matchmaking in Rotwood without secrets

There’s an interesting post from one of the studio’s developers, where they describe some new functionalities when it comes to partying up. The authors from Klei decided to take cooperation to another level and alongside two typical options of joining others, there are two more sophisticated ones. Let’s see what it’s all about.

  1. The first option is obvious – joining friends’ lobbies by using Steam’s built in list.
  2. The next one is more interesting, as the host of the game can use a special code that they are able to share with others. Then the recipient of such “password” will be able to jump into the host’s match by the in-game menu.
  3. The third alternative is where the things get more magical. Rotwood allows for incorporating Steam Community Groups to have more players reach your lobby or other way around. If you are a part of any of Steam Community Group, you will be able to use it as a pool of people who will be greenlit to join your current struggle.
  4. The last one is absolutely bonkers, as the devs are working closely with Discord itself to allow for integration with Rotwood. When in game, you will be able to choose “+” sign in the Discord chat box to select appropriate option which will send a message to all the channel members, allowing them to assist you in your forest adventure. Naturally, this will work both ways.
  5. As a little bonus point, also regarding Discord, it will be possible to join others, who play the title and have their instance open, by selecting their Discord profile and asking to join.

Please, bear in mind that the last two options related to Discord are still in the making and are not available just yet. Whether you choose to venture through the corrupted forest with friends or alone, there is a ton of options to choose from and Klei is taking every chance possible to facilitate connecting with others. If you feel lonely, that’s a great opportunity to make new friends. Also, there is a chance that Rotwood will have even broader audience when the game makes its way to other platforms at some point.

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