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News video games 25 January 2022, 14:22

author: Adrian Werner

RuneScape Will Get Board Game and Tabletop RPG

Publisher Steamforged Games announced a board game and pen&paper RPG that are tabletop adaptations of RuneScape, the popular MMORPG from Jagex.

  1. RuneScape will be remade as a board game and tabletop RPG;
  2. Both projects will be released this year;
  3. The board game, for 1-5 players, will be released first;
  4. The RPG will be compatible with the mechanics of the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

The trend of remaking hit video games into tabletop games continues. The latest example of this is the popular MMORPG RuneScape, which will get a board game and a tabletop role-playing game.

Both projects will be released this year and are being prepared by the American company Steamforged Games. It has a lot of experience in creating tabletop adaptations of popular video games. It has previously released such productions as Resident Evil: The Board Game, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace Board Game, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game or Dark Souls: The Board Game. The latter is the most successful title in publisher's history - its sales exceeded half a million copies.

RuneScape Will Get Board Game and Tabletop RPG - picture #1
Both games will be released this year.

The board game will hit the market first and its release will be preceded by a fundraiser on Kickstarter, which also serves as a preorder action. The game will enable us to play solo or in a group of up to five people. Players will take on the role of heroes and participate in story-driven adventures in the land of Gielinor. They will use a crafing system, improve their character stats and equipment, encounter NPCs and play in many famous locations well known to fans of the computer original.

The tabletop RPG, on the other hand, will hit the stores without any preceding crowdfunding. The game will be released as a hardcover book, the mechanics of which will be compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

RuneScape is a strong brand, so its tabletop adaptations should be very popular. In the press release announcing them, it was reported that more than 300 million people have already played the various incarnations of the game, with total revenue exceeding $1 billion.

  1. Stormforged Games - official website


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