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News video games 08 September 2021, 12:06

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

RuneScape Fan Project Shot Down by the Devs Just Before Launch

One gamer spent two years working on a modification to improve textures in Old School RuneScape. His work was blocked by the developers just before the release.

  • Player known as 117 has been working on RuneLite HD modification for the last two years;
  • Developers of RuneScape have blocked his project just before its scheduled release;
  • This caused protests from the community.

Despite the passage of years, RuneScape is still quite popular. This also applies to the Old School version, which is based on the 2007 release. The activity of the players manifests itself, among others, in their own works based on the game. One of them, known by the handle 117, worked on a modification called RuneLite HD, which would improve the quality of textures in Jagex's game. Its release was supposed to take place on September 6.

Unfortunately, the project encountered an insurmountable obstacle in the home stretch. The developers ordered the modder to abandon the project, wasting about 2000 hours of his work. He spent a total of two years working on the mod. Unfortunately, attempts to come to an agreement with the studio came to nothing. User 117's frustration is compounded by the fact that previously he did not receive any warnings from the developers, despite the fact that he had been working on RuneLite HD for a long time and constantly informed about its progress.

The developers made the decision due to the fact that they themselves have also started working on new textures for the game. However, their project is at a very early stage of development. So the creator of the mod proposed that his modification be allowed to be mshared with the players until the studio releases its own texture pack. Then his project would be removed in favor of an official update. Unfortunately, Jagex did not agree to such a solution.

The developers' decision caused a storm among the RuneScape community. Fans have started protests in the game world, which take place mainly in the city square in Falador. Many of them also use the hashtag #Free117 as a sign of solidarity with the modder. So far, these actions have had no effect, and players can only hope to receive an official pack of refreshed textures in the future.

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