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News video games 08 January 2019, 13:20

author: Adrian Werner

Russia 2055: new trailer of the mecha action game

A new trailer for Russia 2055 has just been released. And it looks very good for a game made by one person. Unless the person is Hideo Kojima.


  1. Developer: Invictus Volition
  2. Publisher: Invictus Volition
  3. Genre: action game
  4. Platform: PC

A new trailer of Russia 2055, the futuristic action game developed by one-man studio Invictus Volition, has been released. For now, only the PC version has been confirmed. We do not know the planned release date. We only know that the closed beta will launch later this year.

The information provided about the game is very modest for the time being. During the game we will be able to control an infantryman and sit in the cockpit of a mech. We will be able to customize our walking tank to a large extent. The best weaponry is to be very heavy, so the maximum firepower will be associated with a loss of manoeuvrability. The developer plans to implement both a single player story campaign and a multiplayer mode.

The trailer looks interesting, but the conspiracy theories about this game are equally interesting. There is a group of people who believe that Russia 2055 is not a real project, but only a clever marketing campaign organized by Hideo Kojima to promote Death Stranding or other yet undisclosed production.

Russia 2055 became famous last year, when Kojima decided to draw the attention of his fans to this title, sharing the first trailer on Twitter. Invictus Volition is a studio no one has heard of before. The developer also has no official website and appeared practically from nowhere. Additionally, the trailer presents a visual style reminiscent of previous productions of the Japanese developer, and the mechs are very similar to the designs of Yoji Shinkawa, who was responsible for mechanical design in the Metal Gear Solid series.

While it all sounds unlikely, it wouldn't be the first time that Kojima showed ingenuity in promoting his games. Just recall the fictional Moby Dick Studios team with its non-existent CEO Joaki Mogren. The developer announced The Phantom Pain project, and it wasn't until some time later that it all turned out to be a mystification, and the game was revealed to be Metal Gear Solid V.

Will it be the same with Russia 2055? Probably not, but there is no denying that the theory itself is interesting and even if it turns out to be wrong, it will help to promote the project.

  1. Russia 2055 twitter account

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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Russia 2055

Russia 2055