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News hardware & software 13 June 2019, 15:41

author: Konrad Serafinski

Samsung Copyrights Smartphone With Foldable Screen

Samsung is planning to produce a smartphone that we can fold and put on like a watch. The world has not forgotten about the infamous case of Galaxy Fold, and the Korean giant is already patenting new technology.

Samsung Copyrights Smartphone With Foldable Screen - picture #1
The future of smartphones or a superfluous gadget?

Samsung has filed a patent application for a smartphone with a screen that can be rolled up, unfolded and worn like a watch. We must admit that the idea is very abstract by current standards. At first glance, the phone looks like a standard smartphone, and only the schematics of the new device reveal its true potential. The construction of the casing may resemble a human spine (in this case, probably belonging to some olympic gymnast). The inner side will be shortened and stretched, while the outer side will be covered with a flexible screen. Drawings from the patent application can be seen below.

The screen of the device can be stretched. This is to ensure that it fits the user's hand. However, in normal mode, most of the screen will be collapsed. Although Samsung has got a patent for the device, we shouldn't expect it to be released too soon. It is worth mentioning that similar designs have already been patented by Nokia, Philips and Lenovo, and so far none of the smartphones have seen the light of day.

Samsung is in the process of not very optimistic adventure with the Galaxy Fold model. The company had to postpone the launch of the device for technical reasons. We are about to find out about the new date of smartphone debut soon, although looking at the latest news, it is unlikely to happen soon. The phone's problem is a faulty screen, which made the Korean giant allow pre-order cancels with full cash back. Let's hope that a similar fate will not happen with Samsung's patented technology in the future.

  1. Samsung official website
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