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News hardware & software 30 June 2019, 23:01

author: Conrad Hazi

Screen Refresh Rate Can Affect Player Performance

An interesting material has recently appeared on Linus Tech Tips channel, in which we can see what are the differences in the quality of the displayed image at different refresh rates and how it affects the performance of players.

Screen Refresh Rate Can Affect Player Performance - picture #1
Source: Linus Tech Tips.

Many players are asking themselves, what does the frame rate or refresh rate matter when playing video games? One Linus Sebastian, famous for walking in sandals and socks, hosting a popular technology channel Linus Tech Tips on YouTube ventured to the question. The Canadian asked for help from Gavin Free, known from The Slow Mo Guys channel, who appeared in the material as a guest.

Well, does it matter or not?

The experiment was to see how the response time and performance of gamers (in this case, the hosts themselves) could be affected by changing the screen refresh rate from 60 Hz to 240 Hz. CS:GO was used for tests, where a repetitive test scenario was prepared, and the participants had to hit an opponent running in a straight line across the screen.

The presence of Gav from The Slow Mo Guys was not a coincidence, as he borrowed and operated a special camera that recorded video at 1000 frames per second, which was used to capture the image displayed on the monitor screen. His shots show very clearly how the refresh rate affects the quality of a dynamic image - it is clearer and the whole aiming process becomes much smoother.

What are the conclusions of the tests? Refresh rate can have an impact on the performance, even if, let us not deceive ourselves, the experiment involved casual players. We encourage you to watch the full material, which, even if it is not conducted in a very scientific way, certainly throws interesting light on the discussed issue and opens the door to further discussion.

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