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News video games 12 April 2023, 15:10

author: Adam Adamczyk

Few Players Became Cannibals in Sons of the Forest

There is no shortage of interesting achievements in Sons of the Forest. We present a few of them.

Sons of the Forest hit early access on February 23. Many players have already managed to get a thorough understanding of the game's basic mechanics, others have discovered a bit of trivia, and among the tree-trimming fans there is also a group hunting for achievements. Some of them are trivial to obtain, others are ambiguous, and one of them, although seemingly uncomplicated, was obtained by only 0.1% of all those playing SotF. What achievements is it?

Eat the whole forest

Few Players Became Cannibals in Sons of the Forest - picture #1
There is no shortage of food in this forest.

The achievement in question is called "Foodie" and it involves eating all types of food in the game. And there's quite a lot of them.

These include: meat, fish, all kinds of plants, as well as such foods that are simply not found in the forest. Examples include bacon cubes or instant soups obtainable in the bunker, or rations that can occasionally be found in closed containers.

The munching doesn't stop there, however, because in addition to hunting game, we must also engage in cannibalism, devouring the limbs of defeated enemies. After all, you are what you eat. Not surprisingly, the Foodie achievement has only been unlocked by 0.1% of players, as it is very difficult to obtain. It's best to keep a notebook, writing down all kinds of food in it and ticking off the ones you managed to ingest.

Make friends with a mutant

Few Players Became Cannibals in Sons of the Forest - picture #2
Virginia seems to be in a good mood all the time.

Another interesting and at the same time difficult to decipher (especially at the beginning) achievement is. "Chivalry not Dead," unlocked by 10.2% of players..

It involves gaining the full trust of Virginia. However, it does not end with getting the woman to the point where she does not run away at the sight of us. You need to spend more time with your companion, arm her, hand her a GPS transmitter and only after some time can you get the achievement. According to the information I found, it can get bugged when playing in multiplayer - in which case only the person hosting the game gets it.

Don't get a heart attack

Few Players Became Cannibals in Sons of the Forest - picture #3
I don't know about you, but I, however, prefer coffee.

Finally, I left two relatively easy to get achievements, which, however, only 3% and 4.2% of players respectively can boast of having.

The first is called "This can't be healthy" and involves drinking 50 energt drinks (heart hurts at the very thought). In the days before one of the patches, you could get it by standing at several containers, opening them, drinking the drinks (if you managed to get them out), saving the game, loading and repeating everything until you got it. Even now the achievement is not that difficult to obtain, because energy drinks are not in short supply in the game. No wonder the islanders walk around constantly stimulated.

The second achievement is called "I Dream of Sushi" and involves eating 20 fish raw. Just ask Kelvin to go fishing, and the the good boy will put many a fish store to shame in no time.

Tell us in the comments which of your achievements in SotF fills you with the greatest pride.

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