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News video games 14 February 2024, 03:22

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

New Sons of the Forest Trailer Shows Version 1.0 Features as Release Nears

The popular survival game Sons of the Forest will soon come out of early access. To mark the occasion, a trailer for version 1.0 of the game has been released.


Less than a year ago, Endnight Games studio released the sequel of the extremely popular survival game The Forest on Steam. Sons of the Forest was released in early access in the first half of 2023. Now, after nearly 12 months, the devs are prepared for a complete premiere. Update 1.0 will be released next Thursday, which is February 22nd.

To remind you of the upcoming big patch, the developers have released a new game trailer (below), exclusively available on IGN's YouTube channel. Those who have been playing Sons of the Forest and keeping up with the latest content added to the game will definitely spot new elements in this video (such as opponents and a GPS screen in the golf cart) that will soon be included.

We don't know much about the 1.0 update itself. Some time ago, the devs announced that in the upcoming installment, Timmy will have a more significant role in the story and will be voiced by Shawn Ashmore, known for his role as the "voice" of Jack Joyce from Quantum Break. Moreover, we can expect bug fixes and additional content.

The big unknown is the release of Sons of the Forest on consoles. The developers appear to be disregarding fans' inquiries about converting the game to PlayStation and Xbox, even though currently this matter appears to be of greatest interest to players. As The Forest was released on PS4 (it didn't come out on XOne), the most likely scenario is that the second part will be released only on Sony's consoles.

Of course, after the full version is released, Sons of the Forest will continue to be supported by the devs. We can expect that, as in the past, we will receive patches of varying sizes to fix the game. The game's price won't go up after February 22nd - it will remain at $29.99.

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