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News video games 27 May 2022, 14:50

Sony Knows When It's Done With PS4 Games

We know when Sony will ditch the PS4 altogether. The Japanese company's previous console doesn't have too many years of life ahead of it.

  • Sony's investor presentation revealed when the company will abandon the PS4;
  • In 2025, the console will no longer be considered in the release plans;
  • Instead, PCs and mobile platforms will play an increasingly important role.

Investor presentation by Sony has revealed when we can expect the abandonment of PlayStation 4. It looks like the support of the previous console of the Japanese company will come to an end in a relatively short time.

For now, however, PS4 still plays an important role in the company's release plans, as indicated by the predictions made in the presentation.

The end of PlayStation 4

Sony's presentation shows the expected share of games from each platform in the corporation's entire portfolio. It is easy to see that this year the PS4 is still an important player in this area.

According to the predictions, the games that will hit both generations at the same time, are only 35% of the total release plan. The same ratio applies to games that are created only with the PS5 in mind.

However, this will radically change in 2025. PS4 will no longer be considered at all after that point. The prediction will only include the PlayStation 5, which is expected to be responsible for handling about 55% of Sony's portfolio.

Somewhere between 2022 and 2025 Sony will say goodbye to the PS4, which will go into a well-deserved retirement.

PC and mobile platforms are getting stronger

Interestingly, the presentation published by Sony also reveals that an increasing role in the company's plans will be played by PCs and mobile platforms.

Even in 2019, PC games accounted for only 10% of all games released by the company. Mobile games, on the other hand, did not appear on this list at all.

In 2022, the share of titles for PCs is expected to increase to 25%, and mobile games will occupy 10% of the portfolio.

2025 is expected to continue this trend. PC and mobile games will account for 45% of Sony's total release schedule (20% and 25% respectively).

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