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News video games 14 November 2022, 13:19

author: Damian Gacek

Soulstone Survivors - Necromancer Explained

There are many characters you can play in Soulstone Survivors. These classes differ from each other. In this article we will tell you about the Necromancer.

Soulstone Survivors is one of the most popular games of recent days, and its popularity doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. One of the things that fans have come to love this Action Roguelike for is the multitude of classes. If you want to find out how to unlock them all, go here: Characters List; All Classes and How to Unlock. In this article, however, we will discuss Necromancer.

Remember that Soulstone Survivors is an early access game, so the information provided here may become outdated over time.

How to unlock Necromancer?

To unlock this character you have to make an effort. The condition for getting it is "win a match with all curses up to and including III enabled on The Dungeon of Despair". This means that you have to complete The Dungeon of Despair map (it is the last one, so you have to finish the others beforehand) by killing all the bosses, and then go through it 3 more times to unlock curses up to level 3 and complete this dungeon with them as well.

List of curses:

  1. Lifeless Void – reduces all healing received by 12%.
  2. Reckless Goblins – Explosive Goblins will appear earlier.
  3. Unholy Reinforcements – Elite enemies spawn 10% more frequently.
  4. Revenge of the Void – every time you kill an enemy, there is a 10% chance of a meteor falling near you.
  5. Clone Army – increases the number of Elite enemies that spawn simultaneously by 1, their health by 10%, damage modifier by 5% and cast frequency by 5%.
  6. House of Lords – Increases the number of Lords of the Void that spawn simultaneously by 1, and increase their health by 10%.

Once you have met the above requirements, then you must prepare for the fact that it will be necessary to purchase this character. It costs 8 Hateful Soulstones. You will acquire them for defeating the fourth boss of the void.

If you want to learn how to easily create a powerful build, then read this article: Soulstone Survivors - best builds; how to create.

Necromancer - characteristics

If you manage to unlock the Necromancer class, there is an interesting character waiting for you:

  1. +20% healing power modifier;
  2. +15% cast frequency modifier;
  3. –15% movement speed modifier;
  4. +15% multi cast chance.
  5. Available skill types: Arcane, Chaos, Ice, Nature, Fire, Electric, Shadow.
  6. Weapon power is: Skeletal Warriors – summon 3 skeletal warriors to fight for you. A maximum of 12 units can be active at any time.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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