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News video games 11 December 2023, 03:51

author: Wojciech Bilicki

SSD Will be a Must for Final Fantasy XVI on PC, Says Naoki Yoshida

Naoki Yoshida announced that PC players of Final Fantasy XVI will have to equip their computers with SSD drives so that data loading will not be a nuisance.

Source: Square Enix

Developers of Final Fantasy XVI - Hiroshi Takai, Takeo Kujiraoka and Naoki Yoshida (known among fans as Yoshi-P) - have given an interview, in which, among other things, they briefly mention the system requirements of the PC port. The developers are trying to optimize the game as best as possible, but believe that an SSD drive will be necessary for comfortable gameplay. More details on the game's systen requirements are expected to be known soon.

SSD provides many times faster data loading compared to a classic HDD. The drives can be used to replace a 512GB or 1TB HDD without additional purchases. M.2 drives are also available, whose speed is several times faster. Installation of such a carrier requires an M.2 connector on the motherboard.

The company responsible for the game, Square Enix, is working currently working on a PC port of FF XVI. Along with it, it also announced two DLCs. The first of them - Echoes of the Fallen - is already available on PlayStation 5 console for $10. The Rising Tide will be released in spring 2024.

Final Fantasy XVI was released on June 22, this year on PS5. The jRPG mety with a warm reception - on MetaCritic it has a rating of 87/100 according to critics and 8.1/10 among more than 10,000 voting players. The developers have not yet revealed a release date for the PC version.

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