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News guides 09 November 2023, 04:28

author: Ewa Ichniowska

Star Ocean The Second Story R Trophy Guide

Star Ocean the Second Story R features many achievements. Find out how to get them all in this guide.

Source: Star Ocean the Second Story R, developer: Square Enix

With 51 achievements to gather, Star Ocean The Second Story R is a treat for collectors. You need to play through the game twice to get all of them, and a lot of the achievements are missable, so if you’re going for completion, it’s good to be prepared. Read on to learn more about trophies in Star Ocean 2 Remake.

Star Ocean The Second Story R Trophy Count

There are 51 achievements in Star Ocean The Second Story R:

  1. 42 bronze,
  2. 5 silver,
  3. 3 gold,
  4. 1 platinum.

15 of the trophies are automatically unlocked as you progress through the story and thus unmissable, so we will not be discussing them in this guide.

There are 13 missable achievements, and some of them are related to mutually exclusive characters or a specific hero. That is why to get all achievements, you have to finish at least 2 playthroughs, one with either main character – Rena and Claude.

Unless specified otherwise on the list below, the trophy can be obtained by playing as either hero.

Bronze trophies

  1. The Sultry Symbologist – Missable

Recruit Celine.

  1. The Cursed Swordsman – Missable

Recruit Ashton. Makes the Fiery and Fixated Aristocrat and the Itinerant Archaelogist impossible to obtain in the same playthrough.

  1. The Spirit Creator – Missable

Recruit Welch.

  1. The Young Inventor – Missable

Recruit Precis. Makes The Scholarly Pharmacist impossible to obtain in the same playthrough.

  1. The Scholarly Pharmacist – Missable

Recruit Bowman. Makes The Young Inventor impossible to obtain in the same playthrough.

  1. The Fiery and Fixated Aristocrat – Missable

Recruit Opera. Cannot be obtained if you have Ashton join you.

  1. The Itinerant Archaelogist – Missable

Recruit Ernest. Cannot be obtained if you have Ashton join you.

  1. The Lone Wolf Swordsman – Rena only, Missable

Recruit Dias while playing as Rena.

  1. The Scientific Whiz Kid – Claude only, Missable

Recruit Leon while playing as Claude.

  1. The Genthehearted Zoologist – Missable

Recruit Noel.

  1. The Hot-Blooded Journalist – Missable

Recruit Chisato.

  1. The Gang’s All Here – Missable

Recruit 6 characters other than Claude and Rena.

  1. Trustworthy Forerunner

Enter a battle after an enemy trying to ambush you was stopped by a party member with Bodyguard Speciality. Unlocks after levelling Scouting on two characters to level 4 and having Train on one of them.

  1. Now I’m Really Ticked Off!

Enter the Rage state 10 times after your teammates fall in battle.

Let's Do This as a Team!

Use Assault actions (which can be mapped in the Formation menu) 20 times.

  1. Time to Hone Our Skills!

Level up a battle skill, an IC or specialty skill for the first time.

  1. Let’s Make Something!

Create an item using an IC skill.

  1. Tearful Bunnies

Fail at summoning a Bunny 10 times using the Bunny Call super specialty. It unlocks after getting Familiar to level 4 on 2 characters and learning Scouting with one character.

  1. Astute Angler

Talk to Reel in a port in Harley after catching 15 different fish to receive the Masterwork Rod and this trophy.

  1. Intergalactic Thief

Suceed at pickpocketing 20 times. To increase chance of succeed use a character with Nimble Fingers talent.

  1. Steady progress

Complete 10 Challenge Missions.

  1. Super Duper

Learn a Super Speciality.

  1. The Almighty

Max out all 28 skills, including combat skills, IC and specialities. You can use different characters to max different skills.

  1. Personal Relations

Participate in 20 Private Actions with your characters.

  1. Place of Interest

Discover a Place of Interest for the first time.

Five-Star Chef

Enter the Cooking Master competition in Fun City, win 8 times and beat Yarma, The Good of Food as one of your opponents.

  1. Outstanding Insight

Predict the outcome of the Bunny Race in Fun City correctly 5 times.

  1. The Wanderer’s Way

Walk more than 8000 steps.

  1. Seven-Colored Voices

Unlock all Voice Collections. They are unlocked for the characters you finish the game with, so you need 2 playthroughs for this achievement for the mutual exclusives.

  1. Intertwined Futures

See more than 15 endings (out of 99 available). Can be accomplished by reloading your save.

Silver trophies

  1. Heroic Feet

Walk more than 40000 steps.

  1. The Wise Are No Match for the Grind

Win the 10 Wise Men Return Ultimate Arena challenge.

  1. Angel beneath the Earth

Reach the bottom floor of the Maze of Tribulations dungeon and defeat the boss there.

  1. Rapturous Angel

Summon Iseria by playing The Devil’s Aria with Music Skill at level 10 and defeat her.

Gold Trophies

  1. Hero of Light – Claude only

Beat the game with Claude as the main character.

  1. Hope of Nede – Rena only

Beat the game with Rena as the main character.

  1. The Destroyer’s Truth – Missable

Requires watching the PA with Philia in Kurik before it gets destroyed, then another PA with Philia in Centropolis of Nede after beating the game. You also have to complete the Maze of Tribulations dungeon and kill the Devil’s Aria boss.

Platinum trophies

  1. Master of the Star Ocean

Collect all other 50 achievements.

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