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News video games 16 June 2022, 17:00

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Starfield Has Fallout Traits, Such as Compulsive Jumping and House Loans

Starfield will enable us to create a character with various traits. Like in a real RPG we will also be able to adjust our character's past.

  • Starfield will enable us to deeply personalize our character.
  • In the game we can choose their past, which will affect the available skills.
  • The game will also enable us to choose special features that affect the character's stats.

The longer we look at the recent presentation of Starfield the easier it is to conclude that we're dealing with a full-fledged RPG. In many ways this game already seems to be much more developed in terms of role-playing than even Fallout 4.

This can be seen, among others, in the presented character creator. It turns out that it offers a lot of options in terms of choosing the characteristics and past of our character.

A rocking gangster or an introverted cook?

Character creator in Starfield will of course enable us to spend a lot of time on customizing the appearance of our protagonist. However, much more interesting are two panels, which we will use at the end of character creation process.

The first one is used to choose the characters's past. It will depend on you what role we have played so far, before we started the adventure in the game. Do you want to be a freedom-loving traveler? Or maybe a gangster or a much more peace-loving diplomat?

Starfield Has Fallout Traits, Such as Compulsive Jumping and House Loans - picture #1
Source: Bethesda

Starfield will enable us to choose from at least a dozen different options, which will of course be associated with the appropriate starting bonuses. For example, the diplomat is a good talker, the medic can heal better, and the cyberneticist can quickly deal with robots.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also give your character up to three special traits, which will further modify your stats and allow you to better embody your dream role.

Do you want to play an introverted traveler who hates company? No problem. Or maybe family ties are very important to you and you don't want your RPG character to be an orphan like always? That is also possible. You can even visit your virtual parents, although you will have to pay them 10% of your income.

Starfield Has Fallout Traits, Such as Compulsive Jumping and House Loans - picture #2
Source: Bethesda

The most interesting option seems to be the choice of religion. It turns out that humanity in the distant future worships some really strange cults. One of them (Serpent's Embrace) requires its followers to constantly jump. If you meet this requirement, you can count on special bonuses. However, keeping your feet on the ground will draw the retaliation of the mysterious deities on you.

This is obviously the most absurd of the options we've seen so far, but it's not the only one. There will also be other religions in the game that, for example, will give us big discounts in their special stores that are unavailable to followers of the rest of the cults.

We'll also be able to start the game as a character with a house... and a loan to repay. Nothing stands in the way of being on good terms with the chosen faction from the very beginning.

So it seems that Starfield will offer players really a lot of options to personalize their character. For fans of RPGs, this is certainly great news.

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