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News video games 17 August 2023, 16:30

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Steam Raises Minimum Game Price

Valve has updated the rules of Steam regarding the minimum price of games in certain currencies other than the US dollar. This means that in some countries the cheapest productions will be as much 482 percent more expensive.

Source: Steam / Flickr, Colony of Gamers / Pixabay, PublicDomainPictures

War, inflation and the deepening economic troubles of many countries around the world have taken their toll on almost every branch of commerce and services. The gaming industry is no exception in this case, as proven late last year by Valve, which recommended raising the prices of games available on Steam. As it turns out, this was only the beginning of the company's new pricing policy.

The corporation informed that the changes will also reach the minimum price thresholds for games in currencies other than the US dollar. This means that games bought in other currencies will become slightly more expensive, if they are currently priced at the lowest possible level still at $0.99.

And while those paying in dollars will not feel any change, those operating in other currencies will have to expect increases. Countires like Poland used to pay PLN 3.59 for the cheapest titles. After the price list update, those games will cost PLN 4.49 (which equals more or less $1). This gives a 25% increase over the previous threshold. However, players from Argentina and Turkey, for whom the increase reached more than 400 (!) percent, are in a much worse situation.

Steam Raises Minimum Game Price - picture #1
Source: SteamDB.

Individual publishers will be responsible for adjusting prices. At the same time, Valve warns that if they fail to do so, their games will disappear from sale until the price is raised.

What about sales?

The company said that games with minimum prices can be included in discounts of up to 50%. And if the amount of the title is $1.99, then discounts of up to 75% can be expected. On the other hand, games for $4.99 and more expensive can be eligible for up to 90% discounts.

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