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News video games 22 March 2019, 00:27

Steam Reveals New Layout and Functionalities

Among the highlights of Valve's panel during this years Game Developers Conference were the reworked layout of Steam library and developer events. The former can be examined up close, and some interesting details have been revealed concerning the latter.

Valve Software presented a new version of the Steam library on its panel at this year's Game Developers Conference, which is to be made available to players in open beta-tests this summer. In addition to the first images presenting the library after a "facelift", a handful of specifics on the subject of changes to its functionalities were revealed (via PC Gamer).

Steam Reveals New Layout and Functionalities - picture #1
Here’s the new Steam library layout…

Let's start with the fact that individual games can not only be assigned to categories, as is the case so far, but also sorted based on tags. When you click on the game in the list on the left side of the window, you will see a completely new start screen. Apart from the basic data, such as the date of your last session and the time spent with the selected title, as well as links to community centre or the game’s product page, we will also find information about the last activity of friends, cards, available add-ons and mods, as well as our screenshots.

Steam Reveals New Layout and Functionalities - picture #2
…and that’s how a new library game page looks like.


At the very top of the card dedicated to a given game, there is space for news from developers, and above all - for events organized by them, such as tournaments, live broadcasts or important updates, about which the players will be informed by means of their choosing. Nothing will prevent us from setting up an e-mail or text message reminder or add the event to our Google calendar.

The events themselves will also receive a separate tab, the content of which will vary depending on which titles the player has in their collection, and will be divided into main and side events. The developers will be provided with tools that will enable them to measure the involvement of players in these events.

During Game Developers Conference Valve did not devote too much time to virtual reality. However, as the UploadVR editorial team found out, Gabe Newell’s company plans to say something more about the situation of this branch of the market from its point of view "in the near future". In addition, a chart was shown during the panel, presenting Steam’s revenue share by region over the period between 2008 and 2018.

Steam Reveals New Layout and Functionalities - picture #3
A chart depicting Steam’s revenue share by region across the period of 10 years, beginning with 2008.
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