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News video games 31 January 2019, 15:17

author: Milosz Szubert

Steel Division 2 release date and bonus pack

Eugen Systems has revealed the release date of Steel Division 2, a new installment in the series of WWII strategy games.

Are you waiting for Steel Division 2? If so, you can slowly prepare your HDD and take a leave from work. Eugen Systems studio has announced that the next installment of the WWII strategy game series will debut only on PC on April 4, this year. Currently, the title can be pre-ordered. There are four editions of the title available on Steam – Standard for €39.99, Commander Deluxe for €59.99, General Deluxe for €69.99 and Total Conflict for €79.99 PLN. Purchasing any of them entitles us to take part in multiplayer mode beta-tests, the date of which is not yet known. In addition, owners of the three most expensive releases will be able to play the full version of Steel Division 2 48 hours before the official release.

Steel Division 2 release date and bonus pack - picture #1
Let’s get ready for war.

This is not the end of the news related to Steel Division 2. The creators also informed that all people who have the previous part of the game will receive a special The Back to War package. It will include a lot of attractions, including 4 additional nations (USA, Canada, Great Britain and France) and more than 350 units known from the Steel Division: Normandy 44, such as Sherman Firefly and Königstiger tanks. More on this pack can be found here. It is worth noting that in order to claim it, you do not need to place a preorder for Steel Division 2.

The next installment of Eugen Systems' strategy game cycle will focus on the eastern front of the Second World War and will provide an opportunity for virtual participation in Operation Bagration, which took place between June 22 and August 19, 1944. The title will offer several game modes, both for one and many players, tons of military equipment, vast maps and much more. It will be a real treat for virtual commanders and lovers of the biggest conflict in the world's history.

Milosz Szubert

Milosz Szubert

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Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2