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News hardware & software 30 September 2021, 22:58

Switch 4K May Never Happen; Confusion Surrounding Nintendo

According to Bloomberg, some studios have received Switch devkits from Nintendo, which support 4K resolution. The company denies these claims.

Rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro have been making rounds on the web for a long time. This console was allegedly able to support 4K resolution, which aroused the interest of many players. Ultimately, all leaks, although they came from reliable sources, turned out to be false. The console saw the light of day as OLED version, whose main advantage is a better quality screen.

However, Bloomberg, which was responsible for some of the earlier leaks regarding the alleged Switch Pro, has published an article stating that the console really does exist. The authors of the news referred to the voices of anonymous employees of 11 studios from around the world. According to them, they received devkits of the Switch, which support 4K resolution.

These companies have already started designing games with the aforementioned device in mind. Among them were both big studios and small teams, and one of them has not yet created any game for Switch. We are talking about Zynga Inc. which was the only one mentioned by name. It didn't take long for both Nintendo and the said company to respond to the article.

Switch 4K May Never Happen; Confusion Surrounding Nintendo - picture #1
Source: Twitter.

Zynga Inc.'s spokesperson stated in an email to Kotaku that none of the Switch devkits his company received support 4K resolution. Shortly thereafter, Nintendo took the floor and published a tweet stressing that it does not provide developers with the consoles described by Bloomberg's article. It stated that the website spreads false information and that the company has no plans to release any other Switch model besides the already announced OLED.

So it looks like the console described by Bloomberg does not officially exist. The question remains as to who in the described dispute is actually telling the truth. In fact, no one expected another Nintendo would say anything else. Now all we can do is wait for a possible response from the authors of the aforementioned article. It is also possible that this time Bloomberg believed its sources too quickly.

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