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Tactics Ogre Reborn - Learn About Shrines; Ancient Temples Explained

On this guide you will read about Ancient Temples in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. You will learn what shrines are, how to unlock them and what interesting things you can get in them.

Ancient Temples in Tactics Ogre: Reborn are very important locations, especially in late game. In this guide you will learn what temples are, how to unlock them and what rewards you can find in them.

What are Ancient Temples (Shrines)?

Shrines are places you can go to later in the game. They are a kind of dungeon, which have several floors. Each level means new enemies and interesting loot to collect.

There are six unique Ancient Temples, dedicated to the elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water. It is worth noting that the types of magic used by opponents in given temples depend on the type of Ancient Temple. For example, in the Temple of Ice, opponents are more likely to use Ice Magic.

How to unlock Ancient Temples (Shrines)?

The most important step in unlocking all Shrines is to complete the story battle at Barnicia Castle. After the cutscene, you will receive a message about Ancient Temples. After reading it, unique fortresses will appear on the map. There are six of them, and they are called Gecho, Lhazan, Qadriga, Boed, Geyld and Ndamsa.

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In each fortress you will face a battle with a large number of opponents. Your goal will be to defeat the leader or all the opponents one by one. When you manage to win in each fortress, you will unlock access to Ancient Temples.

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Possible rewards in Ancient Temples (Shrines)

After clearing each fortress of opponents, Ancient Temples will become available. In each Shrine, you have the chance to get Oracle Marks and late-game gear. In addition, it is possible to get Apocrypha T1 and T2 (powerful AoE spells).

For completing all six unique Ancient Temples, you will receive guaranteed three Oracle Marks.

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