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News guides 08 December 2023, 08:09

author: Agnes Adamus

The Day Before - How to Fix Black Screen and Crash Problem

The Day Before was launched yesterday. There are many errors in the production. From this guide you will learn about black screen and crash problem.

Source: The Day Before, developer: FNTASTIC

Survival MMO The Day Before really exist and was launched yesterday. Unfortunately, the game’s quality isn’t very good. There have been problems with connecting to the servers. Additionally players encounter many bugs that interrupts gameplay. One of these issues causes the black screen and after a while the game crashes. From this guide you will learn how to fix this error.

Black Screen and Crash Problem in The Day Before

One of the game breaking bugs causes black screen. It seems that there are many sources of this problem, and at the same time, not many solutions. We will talk about one of them, which is reported as the working one.

Black Screen and crash at the start of the game

Note the following solution involves disabling system security. You do that at your own risk!

If you experience the black screen, and after it the game crashes, the culprit may be your firewall. At least some players report that it is the case. We do not recommend turning off your security. However, it is true that for some online games antivirus is the culprit which blocks some features and turning it off may be the solution. If you are using the default firewall of Windows 10 or 11 systems and decide to temporary disable your security, then you need to do it this way:

  1. Open “Settings”;
  2. Click on “Privacy & security”;
  3. Select “Windows Security”;
  4. Click on “Open Windows Security” button;
  5. Select “Firewall & network protection”;
  6. Choose “Public network” and disable Microsoft Defender Firewall.

If you are using another antivirus, you will need to find the setting responsible for the firewall.

Black Screen in character creation menu

In other cases, the Black Screen error occurs randomly, often it is after the character creation. In these cases, however, the game will not turn off on its own. There is no solution for this bug at this moment. Nevertheless, we recommend waiting a little bit. It may be the case of downloading shaders. If it is the case, it may take even a few minutes. If it is not, you have to wait for fixes from the developers.

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