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News video games 05 April 2023, 11:26

author: Sonia Selerska

The Last of Us PC Fixing in Progress [Update: New Hotfix and Drivers]

Problems with The Last of Us Part 1 on PC are gradually being fixed, but new complications are also emerging. Naughty Dog shares a plan of action.

The third hotfix for The Last of Us: Part I PC is now available. It is accompanied by the release of new drivers for Nvidia GPUs, which address the problem with crashes on RTX 30 series chips.

Other fixes include UI/UX improvements, fixing incorrect character behavior (both playable and NPCs) and much more, including new diagnostic support features.

Due to massive number of technical issues experienced by The Last of Us: Part I players on PC, the developers are doubling and tripling their efforts to improve the gameplay experience.

From the latest post on Naughty Dog's Twitter account, we learned what the studio's plan is, trying to calm the situation and disgruntled PC players as soon as possible.

"As a reminder, tomorrow we will publish a new hotfix for The Last of Us Part I on PC, and on Friday we will make the patch available.

We will present the patch notes when the hotfix is published, and let you know what to expect from Friday's update."

Steam Deck will wait

In the confusion surrounding attempts to patch the already released title, one important element of TLoU: Part 1 on PC has not received enough attention. This is the issue of the game functioning on Steam Deck.

Some players bought the recent PlayStation exclusive with the idea of playing it on Valve's mobile device. So far, however, this is not officially possible.

After the problems with PC, the developers are taking a very cautious approach to allowing the game to be played on another platform:

"While we know that many of you would like to play The Last of Us Part I on Steam Deck, we are prioritizing patches and fixes before submitting the game for review.

We will keep you updated on the status of Steam Deck, and in the meantime we will continue to improve the PC version."

We don't know when exactly The Last of Us: Part 1 will be verified on Steam Deck. However, we can hope that the lessons learned from fixing the PC version will enable Naughty Dog to release a game that won't require so many updates to work properly.

Sonia Selerska

Sonia Selerska

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