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News video games 28 October 2022, 14:10

author: Adam Adamczyk

The New Witcher Saga Coming Sooner Than The Witcher 1 Remake

Adam Kicinski commented on the future of the Witcher brand. We will have to wait for a remake of the first installment.

Announcement of the remake of the first Witcher game was received by fans with great enthusiasm. It's hardly surprising - the game is praised for its plot and atmosphere, but unfortunately many players are bothered by rather archaic mechanics, with the combat system at the forefront. Recently, we have been writing a lot about The Witcher, because there is simply a lot of discuss about the brand. A little more light on its future was shed by CD Projekt head Adam Kicinski, who gave an interview to parkiet [in Polish].

When is the next Witcher adventure?

CD Projekt RED announced three projects related to The Witcher franchise. Among them is Canis Majoris, which turned out to be a remake of The Witcher 1, rebuilt from scratch on Unreal Engine 5. The second project is called Polaris and will be the beginning of a new Witcher saga. In an interview with the aforementioned website, Kicinski was asked about the order in which these games are being developed. The head of CD Projekt answered:

"We have signaled that the first three are Witcher games - two with code names "Sirius" and "Polaris," and the third is a remake of the first Witcher, originally known as "Canis Majoris." We have not given the order, but we have confirmed that the remake, for which Fool's Theory is responsible and over which we have creative supervision, will be based on "Polaris'" technology. The order of the two can therefore be deduced.

This means no less than that, since Fool's Theory working on the remake of The Witcher 1 is going to rely on the technology developed for the new Witcher saga, it is this series, or at least the first part of it, that we will come to play earlier. Most likely, only after its release will the remake of the first game hit the market. It can also not be ruled out that both items are being developed simultaneously - in which case we could expect the debut of the new edition of Geralt's early adventures on a similar or only slightly distant date.

As usual, we are left waiting for new reports on the matter.

Adam Adamczyk

Adam Adamczyk

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