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News video games 02 April 2024, 02:43

author: Maciej Gaffke

The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2077 Sequel Without Microtransactions. CD Projekt: ‘We Don’t See a Place for Microtransactions in Single-Player Games'

CD Projekt Group representatives answered some questions at an investor chat. Among the topics discussed was the issue of microtransactions, which will definitely not be in The Witcher 4 and the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel.

Source: CD Projekt Red

Two days ago, the CD Projekt Group unveiled its financial report for 2023, and the following day, the company's representatives addressed a few queries regarding the ongoing projects. Among various issues, the topic of microtransactions also appeared.

When reading the transcript of the discussion with Piotr Nielubowicz (CFO of CDP) and Karolina Gnas (VP Investor Relations) on the Stockwatch service, we may encounter an interesting question about the potential inclusion of microtransactions in CDP's future games. When it comes to single player titles, Nielubowicz makes the matter clear.

We don't see a place for microtransactions in single-player games, but we don't rule out that we will use this solution in the future in the case of multiplayer projects -- replied the CFO of the CD Projekt Group.

This declaration carries significant weight, as demonstrated by the recent case of Dragon's Dogma II, where the inclusion of microtransactions in a high-budget single-player game sparked immense controversy and was very negatively perceived by the community.

However, the CD Projekt Group isn't ruling out the possibility of including microtransactions in multiplayer titles, as confirmed by Piotr Nielubowicz, and this is exactly the type of production that Project Sirius, developed by The Molasses Flood studio, is intended to be. Therefore, it is possible that in this iteration of the Witcher universe, we may need to spend a little extra money for supplementary features.

Speaking of "Sirius," this project is in early pre-production and will be classified as a AAA game. The title is intended for a target group that is "slightly broader" than The Witcher 3. This means that we will probably not be dealing with an item classified as 18+.

Let's remind that besides the Sirius Project, the Polish company has plans for two more games set in the world of Geralt of Rivia. A remake of the first Witcher is being developed in collaboration with Fool's Theory studio, while CD Projekt Red is working on Witcher 4, with full production set to begin in a few months.

  1. Investor chat with representatives of the CD Projekt Group on the Stockwatch service

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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