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News video games 03 August 2017, 14:14

author: luckie

This is how gaming in 16K looks like – see Lara Croft in 1:1 scale

Are you a proud owner of a PC able to handle games in 4K? Forget that! Here's what 16K in video games looks like!

Nowadays 4K is the hot thing when it comes to visual technologies. It’s not really a standard yet, with most video games and films available in 1080p, however, some top-shelf commercial graphics cards can handle 4K pretty well. But that’s not enough for some. Linus Tech Tips decided to find out if it is possible to play video games… in 16K. That’s right, 16K – it amounts to 132,710,400 pixels, 64 times more than at 1080p (1920x1080).

In order to achieve that goal, Linus Tech Tips built a monster PC, equipped with four Nvidia Quadro P5000 graphics cards ($1,900 each), and a crazy gaming station using 16 4K monitors joined together to form one huge screen. Head over here to see how they built that beast, and below watch a video with the grand test of the computer’s performance in several games:

So, Linus Tech Tips’ PC handled Minecraft quite well in 16K, reaching stable 40-50 FPS. A similar result was achieved in Half-Life 2, a game released in 2004. However, more demanding games, like Rise of the Tomb Raider or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds were merely slideshows. Still, it’s pretty impressive to see Lara Croft in 1:1 scale.

For now, 16K is clearly just a curiosity, and is unlikely to become the standard in video games any time soon – not in living rooms at least. Perhaps we will see it at some game shows, like E3, in several years, but for now lets just enjoy 4K.

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