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News video games 03 April 2024, 00:44

author: Zuzanna Domeradzka

Titan Quest 2 Won’t Be Short of ‘Fishmen.’ Here’s How Ichthians Look in Game

The upcoming action RPG Titan Quest 2 will see the return of opponents familiar from the first installment. Fighting in a group, the Ichthians will cause players many problems.

Source: Grimlore Games / THQ Nordic

The devs of Titan Quest II are trying to maintain interest in the upcoming action RPG, revealing further details that may be useful during gameplay. After information about the game's plot and Sparta, the Grimlore Games studio shared news about dangerous opponents. Fans of the first Titan Quest will certainly be familiar with the Ichthians.

The "Fishmen" will return in the second installment - this faction will appear in the early stages of the production, so it's worth taking a closer look at these opponents before game's release. The Ichtians, who despise the god Glaukos, prefer not to wander too far from the water, thus they will assault players, for instance, on the beaches. We will encounter several representatives of this group in Titan Quest II, as specified by the devs.

  1. Ichthian troopers are designed to fight with spears - either by throwing them or using them in direct combat.
  2. Enchanters will assist allies by healing their wounds, among other things.
  3. Hunters will make use of their agility and are more inclined to engage in close combat with a heavy spear rather than throwing it from a distance, unlike stormtroopers.
  4. Brutes are heavily armored warriors with clubs. Their attacks are supposed to be very powerful, so even a one-on-one fight will prove to be a significant challenge.

Individual representatives of the Ichthians wouldn't be so difficult to defeat if it were not for the fact that they always stay in groups. The "Fishmen" unit can consist of various specialists whose skills complement each other well. Therefore, the player will need to approach the duels strategically, selecting who to eliminate first in order to come out victorious. Furthermore, skillfully using the protagonist's various abilities and making wise use of his strengths will be essential.

Titan Quest 2 Won’t Be Short of ‘Fish-Men.’ Here’s How Ichthians Look in Game - picture #1

Representatives of the "Fishmen" faction

Titan Quest 2 Won’t Be Short of ‘Fish-Men.’ Here’s How Ichthians Look in Game - picture #2

Itchthian Weapons

The developers have expressed their desire to showcase the behavior of enemies in action through suitable gameplay, but we will have to wait as "the game requires a little more time" to present itself well in such material.Titan Quest II will be released on PS5, XSX/S, and PC. The release date of the game isn't known yet.

Titan Quest II

Titan Quest II