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News video games 05 May 2016, 10:46

author: luckie

Tyranny to feature skill-based progression system

Obsidian Entertainment's Tyranny will be a skill-based game where the skills improve as you use them. The developers explained some core systems focusing around character progression.

Obsidian Entertainment ha sdecided to explain some core systems of their upcoming RPG, including skills, attributes, and character progression. Tyranny will feature skill-based mechanics with abilities that improve as you use them, in a manner similar to The Elder Scrolls games. Skills will be grouped in three categories: Weapons (accuracy), Support (evasion, sneaking, knowledge, etc.), and Magic. Besides, there will be six attributes that describe characters: Might, Finesse, Quickness, Vitality, Wits, and Resolve. These are also to determine the rank of their dependant skills.

Tyranny to feature skill-based progression system - picture #1
The more you use skills, the more proficient you become.

As characters use skills, they gain overall experience toward their next experience level. This is true not only for combat and interactions with the environment, but also for using skill-determined dialogue options in conversations. And even when you choose not to fight your opponents, but to intimidate them instead, you still get bonus experience. On top of that, there are six Talent Trees from which you buy talents after reaching the next level.

For more information head over to the game’s official blog. Other mechanics, such as combat and magic, are going to be discussed in the coming months. Tyranny is to be released on PC this year.

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