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News video games 18 July 2022, 12:31

author: Adam Adamczyk

Ultimate Levels of Immersion in Truck Simulator With Custom Cab Rig

A truck driver simulator enthusiast has created an impressive gaming station. His creation is nothing short of spectacular.

Source: YouTube | Rico Trucker 1

Simulators should emphasize immersion as much as possible, so that the player can better experience the gameplay. A perfect example are Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator, in which we can change the configuration of our trailer and traverse vast maps, transporting goods from point A to point B. Both games offers highly addictive gameplay, but one player decided to do his best to ramp up the immersion during the game even more. To this end, he prepared himself an impressive setup, imitating the interior of a truck cab.

ATS elevated to the next level

On the web we can find many youtubers and streamers who specialize in games from the Truck Simulator series. One of the lovers of these game is, among others, the YouTuber RICO TRUCKER 1, who decided to build his own cab, increasing the level of immersion while playing American Truck Simulator. The player equipped it with several displays simulating the windows in the cab, proper seats, steering wheel, dashboard, gear stick, mirrors and much more. What's noteworthy is the attention to detail of the dashboard itself.

Driver makes a name for himself

Because of the intricate work he has done, the dedicated American Truck Simulator lover found himself being talked about more and more. The creator has been working on his project for a long time now. The first video published on his YouTube channel, showing gameplay on three monitors, was released in November 2019. Even then, his "setup" was elaborate, but it was nowhere near how great the current cab looks.

I wish the developer a wide road and rubber trees, and while I will certainly check in the future to see if he has managed to improve his gaming station, I honestly can't imagine what changes could still be made there. Instead, such a problem is not faced by some Reddit users, who are even bothered by the Logitech-branded steering wheel.

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