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News movies & tv series 22 January 2021, 15:09

author: Karol Laska

Uncharted and Bond Suffer More Delays

It's a day like any other - famous studios don't take any chances and decide to postpone another blockbuster movie premieres. This time the cards pointed at Uncharted, and we finally learned when we will see the new Bond movie.

The title is enough to know what kind of news this is, so I'll start with "don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger." We have to deal with yet another, quite considerable delay of cinema premieres. This time three titles have been delayed and once again the new Bond movie is among them. So let's get down to business.

On January 13, we informed that No Time to Die had been postponed indefinitely as the makers simply wanted to wait out the pandemic. However, they took a moment to check the numbers and came up with a date which, in their opinion, is relatively reasonable and safe. No Time to Die will be released on October 8, 2021.

Uncharted movie has been delayed again, which has become a tradition at this point, but we've been waiting for it for almost a decade anyway, so we'll deal with this, somehow. On the verified Twitter account of user Culture Crave we read that the movie will launch only a year from now, on February 11, 2022. And we've already seen the premier looming on the horizon and showered in photos from the set...

Another Ghostbusters sequel called Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the last one to be delayed. Despite the fact that the movie recently had its early screening, during which Sony and the director's father could see the film, it's still a bit too early for the sequel to be released in cinemas, as they remain closed. We'll have to wait at least until the autumn, or November 11, 2021 to be precise.

There's no need to lie - more delays are only a matter of time, and in the following months we'll probably only see those movies that decide to go digital. Godzilla vs. Kong, for example, will do that, being scheduled even sooner, on March 26. The coronavirus pandemic continues and its impact on the movie industry is still painfully evident.

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