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News video games 19 January 2023, 15:49

author: Agnes Adamus

Where to Find Nails in DayZ

If you are wondering where to find nails in DayZ, here is the answer.

In DayZ, like in any other survival game, an important role is played by collecting resources. In the case of Bohemia Interactive's game, one of the more important resources are nails. The following guide describes why they are so important and the places where you can find them.

What do you need nails for in DayZ?

Nails in DayZ have quite a wide range of uses. Of course, their most basic use is to build bases. Among other things, they will be used to create fences and wooden crates.

In addition, you can also hammer nails onto a baseball bat to increase the damage it inflicts.

Where to find nails in DayZ?

The best source of nails in DayZ are all kinds of sheds, industrial buildings, car wrecks and garages.. Therefore, you must go to urban areas for exploration. In this case, the bigger the cities the better. This is because the number of places where you can find this material is growing.

If you play on the Chernarus map, then in search of nails it is best to go south to Cherno and Elektro. This is because there are not only large settlements of houses there, but also coastal industrial plants. Of course, if you don't have a good opportunity to get there, then go to the villages that are more convenient for you.

If, on the other hand, you are staying on Livonia, then the best chances for finding nails is in the area of Topolin.

Also note that you can find them in boxes of 70 pieces. Loosely, your inventory you can fit up to 99 of them.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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