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News hardware & software 19 May 2021, 20:20

author: Angelika Kaldus

Windows 10 May Update Improves Performance and Removes Flash Player

The new May 21H1 update for Windows 10 removes Adobe Flash Player and Edge Legacy, and improves the performance of some Microsoft features.

  • 21H1 improves system performance primarily in business features;
  • Adobe Flash Player and Edge Legacy are removed;
  • The update is available to some users for now; if you can't download it automatically, check out our manual installation guide.

The new half-year Windows 10 update made some cosmetic changes and improved system performance, streamlining mostly business services. Regular users won't notice many differences, as 21H1 is almost identical to 2004 and 20H2 (May and October 2020, respectively). One of the more significant changes is the support of multiple cameras in Windows Hello or the improvement of Windows Defender; moreover, Adobe Flash Player and Edge Legacy are removed with the new update.

Something ends, something begins.

Adobe Flash Player is history now. Microsoft is gradually getting rid of it from older versions of Windows, offering users updates where the plug-in is unavailable - if it's uninstalled once, it can't be installed again. The company removed Adobe Flash Player with the introduction of 21H1, and this marks the end of an era.

The Edge Legacy browser from 2015, based on the EdgeHTML engine, is also coming to the end of its life. Until recently, it could be used alongside Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, but the new update removes it from the system. If the user does not have a Microsoft Edge version running on the Chromium engine, it will be installed on the device along with the rest of the 21H1 features.

Performance increase

Windows Management Instrumentation (which provides remote management and access to computer resources, such as network adapters and system processes) and Windows Defender with enterprise features have been improved. Application Guard protects users from external attacks using Hyper-V containers - when an employee opens a file or page from an untrusted source, it is isolated from the main system to prevent theft and virus damage. File isolation has long been associated with performance issues, but the 21H1 update has optimized Application Guard.

How to download the update out of queue?

The May update is gradually being made available for download to an increasing number of users. If you haven't yet been able to download 21H1 automatically, you can follow a few simple steps to do it. Download Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's website and run it, then allow it to update your system. This will preserve all your settings, programs, and files.

Caution! If you have system update 20H2 or 2004, you can download a small activation package from this subreddit. It will take you less time than the above method.

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