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News video games 10 June 2021, 16:22

author: Patryk Lukasz Kubiak

WoW Classic Player Reaches Level 60 With 60 Characters Before The Burning Crusade Launch

About a year and a half - that's how long it took one World of Warcraft Classic player to reach level 60 with 60 characters. The entire challenge was completed before the launch of The Burning Crusade expansion.

  • Achieved by player Rommildrey;
  • It took him a year and a half to level up so many characters to such level;
  • Now, Rommildrey is getting ready to level up 70 characters to level 70 in The Burning Crusade.

As the achiever - Rommildrey - explains on Reddit, he initially started by leveling up 100 characters to level 100 in Warlords of Draenor. It was relatively easy thanks to the ability to recruit a friend, as well as event and commemorative items, and "more seamless" leveling. Due to all of these conveniences, however, it was not quite satisfying.

Rommildrey found that character progression in classic WoW is the most difficult in the series, and so he decided to take on the challenge of reaching level 60 with 60 avatars..

"I was motivated the whole way through because I knew that I wanted to do it, I knew it was going to scratch that itch and make me stop wanting to do big insane projects like this. I think it worked, I only kinda want to do 70 70s for The Burning Crusade."

What's interesting, leveling was done solely through grinding on mobs. Rommildrey didn't do any quests or other side activities that could help him.

"I love grinding, so to me it was basically just a super chill grind the whole way through until I was nearing the end and closer to pre-patch. Going mob by mob means I had a lot of free time to watch shows, movies, listen to and discover new music etc."

If you wanted to beat Rommildrey, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic expansion is now available. The launch was preceded by a wave of bans, mainly of people using programs unauthorized by the developers. Since June 1, the expansion can be played by owners of personal computers. After installing the expansion, players have to decide whether their characters will remain in the world from before the update or will continue to progress.

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