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News guides 22 May 2024, 10:30

author: Olga Fiszer

How to Fix Stuck Download in Wuthering Waves (WuWa)

Is your Wuthering Waves download stuck? Here are some tricks to get your game back on track.

Source: Wuthering Waves; developer: Kuro Game

Wuthering Waves is a free-to-play open world action RPG with a rich story. The game emphasizes combat and offers a high degree of freedom, letting you explore the world at your own pace. Many players have eagerly pre-downloaded the game, which is launching on May 22, but unfortunately, they’ve encountered a major problem. Here’s what you need to do when the download gets stuck.

How to Deal with Wuthering Waves Download Stuck

If your Wuthering Waves download gets stuck, or if the progress percentage jumps a bit but then stubbornly retreats to where it started, here’s what may help:

  1. Sometimes a simple restart of your computer and the launcher can work wonders. Close Wuthering Waves, reboot your system, and relaunch the download.
  2. Try pausing the download for a few seconds and then resuming it. This can sometimes nudge the process along.
  3. Make sure you have enough free disk space to accommodate the full download of Wuthering Waves.
  4. Ensure your internet connection is strong and stable.

In case any of the above doesn’t work, just be patient. Download speeds can vary, and it's normal to see them fluctuate. As long as your download speed isn't stuck at 0 bytes per second, everything is progressing as it should.

Sometimes, the bar might appear stuck at 99%. In these cases, waiting a few extra minutes is often more effective than repeatedly restarting the launcher. The download might be finalizing in the background.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves