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News guides 17 June 2024, 05:41

author: Damian Gacek

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Sea of Flowers Guide

Do you want to complete Sea of Flowers in WuWa? We will help you.

Source: Wuthering Waves, developer: Kuro Game

Wuthering Waves is a popular gacha RPG full of colorful and powerful characters. Right now, the title is hosting a special event called Second Coming of Solaris in which you are presented with a series of tasks. One of them is Sea of Flowers. If you have problems with it. We are here to help you.

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Sea of Flowers Guide

After completing Specialty Drink, you will be able to complete Sea of Flowers. Talk once again with Maqi and accept the quest. So, the question is – what should you bring her? If you are unsure, you can speak with her once again and ask for some clues.

Linsu location, Wuthering Waves, developer: Kuro Game - Wuthering Waves (WuWa) - Sea of Flowers Guide - news - 2024-06-17
Linsu location, Wuthering Waves, developer: Kuro Game

Now, you should go talk with Linsu. Teleport to Resonance Beacon near Souvenir Store and jump down. The shop is nearby (you can consult a map above). She will give you a free Iris. With it, you will be able to return to Maqi and complete the quest.

However, you don’t have to give an Iris, there are many flowers which can be used to complete this event. You may pick the one which is useless to you or the one which you have the most in your backpack.

The list of flowers which will let you complete the quest:

  1. Angelica,
  2. Bunnywort,
  3. Dewvetch,
  4. Honeysuckle,
  5. Iris,
  6. Lemongrass,
  7. Pavo Plum,
  8. Peacok Flower,
  9. Viola,
  10. Waterlamp,
  11. Wintry Bell.

You can even skip the meeting with Linsu and give Maqi a flower immediately after your initial acceptance of the quest, but you will miss a free Iris and it is a useful resource.

Damian Gacek

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