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WuWa Tier List, Best Characters in Wuthering Waves

Everyone likes to get the best heroes in a given game. Wuthering Waves is no different. In our guide you will see a tier list of characters.

Source: Wuthering Waves, developer: Kuro Game

Wuthering Waves, as befits a gatcha game, boasts many interesting characters. Some players like to acquire newer and newer heroes for aesthetic or story value. Others, on the other hand, target those that stand out for their usefulness. It is for such people that we have created our tier list, which will make it easier for you to focus on the best characters!

Wuthering Waves (WuWa) Tier List

S Tier

  1. Calcharo - a character that deals electro damage. He is agile, deals area damage, and his greatest strength lies in Intro Skill and Resonance Liberation. He will find himself great in the role of the main DPS.
  2. Jiyan - if you are looking for someone to take over the role of the main DPS of your team, Jiyan is the perfect choice. His Resonance Liberation allows you to deal with a lot of smaller opponents. Moreover, he deals very high damage.
  3. Verina - this character is considered by many players to be the best in its role, that is, healing allies. In the beginning, when opponents do not deal much damage, she may seem unnecessary. In later stages though, her abilities will be crucial to building your team. Moreover, for a healer, she deals a lot of damage and will find herself well in the role of sub DPS.

A Tier

  1. Baizhi – did any of you expect a 4-star character, especially a free one, to rank so high? She offers healing and damage enhancements to anyone who enters the battlefield. If you don't have another healer, she is definitely worth including in your team.
  2. Danjin – She is a typical “glass cannon”. The heroine sacrifices her health to deal more damage. Danjin is very suitable for the main DPS role, although she must be paired with a good healer, such as Verina or Baizhi.
  3. Encore – a character who can deal colossal damage and will ideally find herself in the role of DPS. Her only problem is that she relies a lot on Resonance Liberation, and she doesn't have much support skills to back her up well.
  4. Mortefi – a great support that deals fire damage. His Resonance Liberation allows him to deal this type of damage even if he is not an active character on the battlefield. His Outro Skill allows you to boost the heavy attack of the next character who uses it.
  5. Rover (Main Character) – both male and female characters will be perfect for the role of sub DPS. They have many useful moves, such as Resonance Liberation, which stops time for a while and deals massive damage. Nevertheless, in late game they will be inferior to other 5-star characters, so keep this in mind when investing in them.
  6. Sanhua – A 4-star heroine, she is ideally suited to deal a lot of damage in a very short time. The only problem with this character is her mechanics, based on timed attacks. This means that you have to make a hit at the perfect moment to activate a more powerful version of the blow.
  7. Yangyang – another free 4-star character that is quite high in the tier list. Yangyang excels in the role of sub DPS and support. She can be used to fight a large wave of enemies, all thanks to her Resonance Liberation, Resonance Skill and Forte Circuit. What's more, her Outro Skill regenerates Resonance Energy for a character that is summoned to the battlefield.
  8. Yinlin – she is suitable for a role of main or sub DPS. It is a character that deals a lot of electro damage. However, she is slightly inferior to other main DPS characters.

B Tier

  1. Chixia – a free, 4-star heroine that players will acquire at the very beginning of the game. Unfortunately, she cannot parry opponents' attacks, as she is a ranged warrior. Her damage is OK, although it is surpassed by most other characters who aspire to be main DPS.
  2. Jianxin – if you are looking for a someone who offers more defensive and supportive skills, like shields and crowd control, then Jianxin is an affordable choice. Unfortunately, for a 5-star heroine, her damage is really low.
  3. Lingyang – has a unique playstyle that allows air juggling. His damage is also very good, however, the character is currently struggling with a hitbox problem. His attacks often fail to hit opponents, which is why he is currently so low on a list. This may change with the next few patches.
  4. Yuanwu – an interesting hero that offers electro damage to the team, even if he is not on the battlefield. This means that he will perform well in the role of sub DPS. He is, however, a 4-star character, so his damage is surpassed by others.

C Tier

  1. Aalto – he has a unique playstyle that requires you to shoot through the Misty Gates he creates. What's more, going through them guarantees you increased Movement Speed for a short while. Unfortunately, other than that, he doesn't offer much. His damage is low, and supporting the team is done much better by other characters.
  2. Taoqi – beginner friendly character, as her attack scales with defensive stats. This means that she is a difficult to kill character. Nevertheless, her scaling is really low and it doesn't offer much, unless you like very slow and long duels with opponents...

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