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News hardware & software 14 November 2020, 18:34

author: Paul Musiolik

Xbox Series X|S is Bought Mainly for Game Pass

The vast majority of people who decided to buy Xbox Series X|S have a Game Pass subscription. Microsoft knew well what to advertise its device with.

  1. Microsoft has revealed that 70% of people who bought the new Xbox have Game Pass subscription.
  2. This result shows that advertising the console with the service was not in vain.

As many as 70% of Xbox Series X|S owners have Xbox Game Pass subscription. Great start of next-gen consoles encouraged Microsoft to share interesting statistics from the first days of the hardware's presence on the market.

The existing owners of Xbox One have mostly chosen to switch to Xbox Series X. Newcomers to the Microsoft ecosystem mostly decided to buy the cheaper version - Xbox Series S.

The statistics on launched games also look interesting. On day one, users launched a total of 3594 different titles, which were distributed across all four generations of Microsoft consoles. Yes, someone bought Xbox Series X and played on it a game from the first Xbox. But that can't come as a surprise - backwards compatibility of the new consoles is a strong bargaining chip in competition with PS5.

How does it look like in your case? Which version of the console did you buy and which games did you play after firing up the new device?

  1. Xbox - official website
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