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NiOh 2 Guide

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NiOh 2: The Frenzied Blaze | Walkthrough NiOh 2 guide, walkthrough

Last update: 30 March 2020

The Frenzied Blaze is the second main mission of the fourth region in NiOh 2, and it has two boss fights. This page of the guide contains a walkthrough for this mission.

First shrine

There is a door on the left side of the shrine that will serve as a shortcut. However, it is closed for the time being. Follow the ramp on the right and jump down. Be careful, however, as the whole map is largely covered by fire. If you find a place you want to get to and the road is blocked by fire, use water barrels to avoid getting damaged by the flames for a short time. Follow the path and kill two enemies in the building. Another opponent is by the tree on the left. Yet another enemy is behind the house - this one patrols the area. Go left, around the tree, and you will see the next opponent.

Further to the left, you will find a house with an enemy inside it. Next to this house, there is a ruined building. It is patrolled by an opponent. Beat it, go around this building, turn left and you will find a gate. When you open it, it will unlock a shortcut to the beginning of the location.

After opening the shortcut, step back to the building and circle it. There is another opponent on the left equipped with a bow and fire arrows. Beat him and go ahead. Climb the small hill and jump down. Watch out for the skeleton nearby. A large wave of flames, both red and blue, will appear. Blue flames are the work of Yokai - don't push Yokai opponents into them because they won't receive fire damage. You will only get rid of them when you defeat a particular type of Yokai.

Soon, you will encounter another Yokai, Wheelmonk, rolling around. Koroka, in the form of a lamp, is near the tree on the right side. It is located in the area with a Wheelmonk. By killing Wheelmonk, you will extinguish the blue flames.

After defeating the Wheelmonk, go to the left - you can use this path after getting rid of the blue flames. The building you're about to notice is full of Dwellers with barrels on their backs. They can be easily defeated by shooting a fire projectile, or something that will cause explosions. Watch out for the Dweller on the right - he will run towards you and try to kill you with an explosion. After defeating your opponent, go behind the building where you fought the Dwellers. Gaki is next to the body on the left. On the right, you have Rokurokubi in human form. After defeating your opponents, use water barrels to get through the area blocked by fire.

Yokai Realm is behind the building. Enter it and defeat a skeleton warrior. After that, enter the building with a chest, but look out for the Gaki behind the building and the skeleton warrior inside. Next, you will encounter another Gaki and Koroka, who is causing the Yokai Realm. When you beat this enemy, open the door on the left. Keep moving forward - you will reach the second shrine.

Second shrine

The door on the left and in front are initially closed. Turn right, but watch out for a Dweller with a barrel on his back hiding around the corner. Another Dweller is next to the damaged wall. If you throw a bomb at him, you will inflict a lot of damage and break the wall. It leads to a chest that is guarded by Ubume.

Go inside the building - it has a small Yokai Realm from which a Wheelmonk will emerge. Defeating this enemy can be a bit harder due to the fact that the fight takes place in a closed room with a lot of fire. Wheelmonk itself can also create flames. In addition, there is a skeleton marksman on the left - defeat this enemy first before fighting the Wheelmonk. After defeating the enemy, open the chest. The blue flames should be gone, you can now use the passage on the left. Go there and open the door to unlock the first shortcut to the second shrine.

After unlocking the shortcut, go up the hill and walk forward. After a while, go down the ladder and you will meet an NPC you can talk to. If you have done side missions, he will join you and help you in the fight; if not, he will tell you to get out of here. Head to the Yokai Realm - on the left you have a Koroka in the form of a lantern, followed by a skeleton warrior on a building that will shoot at you as you approach. We recommend shooting the skeleton first so that it doesn't interfere with the fight against Koroka. After defeating them both, go right, where you will encounter a patrolling Wheelmonk. There is also a chest in the building to the right, but access to it is blocked by blue flames. Climb up the ladder, then walk down the sidewalk - you will encounter a Wheelmonk. Defeat this enemy to make the blue flames disappear.

Get out of the room and go to where you met the NPC. On the left, you have a building with Gaki, a stronger skeleton warrior, and Rokurokubi. Beat them and keep moving forward. You encounter Ubume - defeat her and open the door serving as another shortcut to the second shrine.

After opening the shortcut, step back, then turn left to open the door. You encounter a Yokai Realm where you will face enemies like Onyuda, skeleton marksman, Wheelmonk, and Ippon-Datara, whose defeat will purify the locations.

Take care of Onyuda first - wait for its Burst Attack where it rushes at you with fists. Then walk a little further - the skeleton on the right side will raise and start shooting at you from the hill. Shoot him and go straight ahead, where you will encounter a Wheelmonk. Try to attack this enemy from behind because that is where his weak spot is. The boss arena is in front of you. If you go slightly to the left, you will find another shrine. Unlock it by defeating Ippon-Datara. The enemy is near the shrine - go back and turn left between dilapidated buildings. Be careful, because another skeleton marksman is next to this Yokai. After defeating Ippon-Datara, return to the shrine and pray at it.

Third shrine

The third shrine leads straight to the boss of the region, called Kasha. There is an entrance to a building on the left of the shrine. The boss is inside. A description of the fight against Kasha can be found in another chapter of the guide.

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