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Overwatch Game Guide

Table of Contents

Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them Overwatch Guide

Last update: 03 October 2016

Below you will find the list of all characters available in Overwatch, their descriptions and tips concerning counters - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Below you will find the list of all characters available in Overwatch, their descriptions and tips concerning counters.


Ana is a combination of Support and Sniper - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Ana is a combination of Support and Sniper. Her main role is to ensure the survival of her allies, but she can also deal quite decent damage. She comes armed with sleep darts, boost darts and also biotic grenades. Ana is not too tough a character, which is why it is better to keep her away from the frontline.


  1. Her Nano boost works miracles, which is why you should keep in mind that some of the characters can benefit from it more than others. For example, McCree, Fara, Soldier 76 or Reaper can deal much more damage and often bring the entire opposing team to their knees.
  2. Use Sleep Dart on heroes who have just started activating their Unique Ability. Thanks to this, you can interrupt their attack.
  3. Save the Biotic Grenade for team battles.


Ana is a fragile character, which is why any character that can quickly get behind her will be a problem. This especially goes for Genji, Reaper and Tracer. If this happens, there is only one way out of the predicament - Sleep Dart.


How to play - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

How to play?

This character requires a good spot to deploy his arsenal (Shift), from where he can safely rake opponents. It should be noted that the sides and the back of this hero are well-protected, because the speed of turning the cannon may be too low to avoid death. The best option here are corners and all sorts of natural obstacles, which can provide you with even the slightest means of security. Bastion is especially proficient at defending specific points.


  1. While in defense, always try to have someone next to you, who will heal you, or provide you with protection. Combination of, e.g. Bastion and Mercy can be lethal.
  2. As soon as you take initial shot from Widowmaker, transform quickly and change your position. You gave to do it very quickly, because otherwise, you will take two more shots and die.
  3. Deployment if front of charging opponents is not necessarily a good idea. Often, it is much better to take position somewhere on the side and fire at the opponents as they pass you by.
  4. If you notice that your team does not ensure enough protection to you, and the opponent is using characters that an counter your mech, simply change your character. The opponent with good knowledge of Bastion can render him completely useless.


The best characters against bastions are the ones that have all sorts of dashes, jumps and other mobile abilities. For example, Reaper can instantaneously teleport behind Bastion's back, Hanzo has ricocheting arrows that can easily penetrate Bastion's defenses, whereas Fara can float up into the air and batter the opponent from there. Also Widowmaker is capable of finding a convenient position from where to attack. However, the best counter against Bastion is Genji who, apart from being highly mobile, can also repel Bastion's deadly projectiles.


A heroin that controls a battle mech in addition to herself - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

A heroin that controls a battle mech in addition to herself. A very mobile character that can take down anything, including Tanks, thanks to her hi-power cannons. Moreover, she is able to scatter the opposing team by knocking back selected targets, which helps in taking them out. Her energy shield is able to shoot down incoming missiles, which makes her suitable for limited defensive role as well. All of this makes D.Va a very versatile character.


  1. Try not to use the Energy Shield without purpose. Save it for the right moment, when you need to retreat into safety while reflecting enemy attacks, or when the need to protect team's retreat occurs.
  2. Remember that when enemies damage your mech beyond repair, you still have one more life, but D.Va will then come without her armor and she will be highly vulnerable to damage. You do not stand a chance head-to-head with opponents with full health, which is why it is better to retreat into safety.
  3. Using boosters, you can effectively flank your opponents. Take advantage of that to get quickly behind the enemy back.
  4. D. Va has a powerful Ultimate Ability - Self-Destruct. Before you activate it, use boosters to position yourself among enemies, thanks to which you can deal tremendous damage. If, in the opposing team, there is Roadhog, you can also try bringing your character within the reach of his hook. Then, after he pulls you, eject from the mech after activating self-destruct. After you do this once, you can be sure that the enemies will not try such trick again.


D.Va's nemesis are without a doubt characters with shotguns. The mech has a fairly large surface, which makes it relatively easy to feed it with a whole load of lead. A couple of shots, and BAM! there goes the mech. Zenyatta's Orb of Discord, for example, is the perfect means to dispatch large targets, such as D.Va's mech. As soon as the mech becomes a priority target for the enemy team his days are numbered.


Pharah is a blast, literally - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Pharah is a blast, literally. Her specialization is simple - wreck anyone and everyone with rockets. Thanks to her combat suit Pharah is also able to fly up into the air and continue firing from mid-air. Her ultimate turns her into a living rocket launcher, a living homing rocket launcher. Do I really have to say more?


  1. Fara is excellent when it comes to flanking. Try using boosters to get behind the back of the opponents, or to conduct fire from above. Thanks to this trick, you can get around possible shields.
  2. Before launching your superzdolnosci, try to assess the risk first . If you jump onto 5 opponents at the wrong moment, you will die instantly. Wait for the opponents to engage into fight with your team, jump into the air and activate your Unique Ability.
  3. Remember that activating the superzdolnosci is not synonymous with self-guidance of the projectiles. You have to apply corrections to Fara's position for the duration of the ability.

Using the jetpack, Fara can jump onto building roofs or other obstacles and conduct fire from there. Not every hero can climb or fly, thanks to which you can feel relatively safe on this position.


While in the air Pharah is completely exposed and vulnerable to sniper fire, making her easy mark for Widowmaker or Hanzo. Soldier: 76 is another guy who can easily shoot her down. And so is Roadhog, as he is able to pull her down with his hook.


Genji is a ninja all the way - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Genji is a ninja all the way. He fights with a katana or using shuriken. He's also extremely mobile, which makes him a miracle worker when flanking opponents. The key to success lies in mastering his Swift Strike, enabling this hero to quickly dash the distance to an opponent. If Genji kills an enemy with this skill, he can instantly use it again; that's one nimble assassin you wouldn't want to go up against.


  1. There are two modes of Genji's main attack. Using the LMB you throw shuriken vertically, whereas by using the RMB, you launch a faster, horizontal attack. Use LMB over long distance; RMB is useful at close quarters.
  2. Swift Strike may be useful when you want to jump onto the opponent's shield, or dash towards turrets. Also, it is perfect if you want to get behind Bastion's back.

Deflect ability not only shields you from damage, but it also deflects projectiles towards the enemy! For example, Bastion can eliminate himself, while targeting the Ninja. What is interesting, Genji is also capable of deflecting some superzdolnosci! By activating his ultimate ability, can make high noon come for him, whereas Fara can be killed with her own salvo. What is interesting is the situation with Hanzo and his dragon. Once his Unique Ability will take its tangible form and the dragon appears, you cannot deflect that projectile, but before this happens, there will be an arrow traveling towards opponents, which is a good moment to deflect it.


Genji is not very tough, so virtually every hero with a large burst will be a serious threat to him (for example McCree). Mobile Tanks also may pose a problem, as they cannot be quickly eliminated and will hound Genji until they eventually get to finish him off (a good example would be Winston).


Hanzo is a master archer, therefore he is best suited for ranged combat - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Hanzo is a master archer, therefore he is best suited for ranged combat. His arrows deal very high damage, but mastering this hero takes a lot of practice. A well placed headshot is often enough to end the life of the unfortunate who was chosen as Hanzo's target. What's more, he has great mobility as he is able to climb up on buildings. By using his Sonic Arrow Hanzo can mark targets for his teammates, making it easier for them to hunt down their enemies. Scatter Arrow works well in team-sized clashes and the Dragonstrike is able to pass through the walls leaving the enemy no safe place to hide.


  1. To be able to fire Hanzo's bow well, you will have to spend some time with it. If you hold down the LMB and wait for Hanzo to draw the bowstring, the released arrow will travel faster, it will deal more damage and at the same time, it will be more accurate! Firing the bow without charging the attack will make it weaker and the accuracy will leave much to wish for.
  2. Use the Sonic Arrow each time you are about to enter a room or a corridor. Especially if you attack as a team, to prevent yourselves from springing a trap.
  3. When you see an escaping target with only a fraction of its health, do not waste time on dragging the bowstring and send a swift arrow to finish the opponent off.
  4. Before launching Dragonstrike, use the sonic arrow to determine the best path for the ability.
  5. Scatter Arrow deals the highest damage in narrow rooms and corridors.


Hanzo fights best when he's able to surprise his opponent. Consequently, situations when he's got a good Tank, let's say a giant ape in a power suit, breathing down his neck often don't end well for him. Roadhog can also do the trick, because he can quickly pull Hanzo down from the roof using his hook and execute him on the spot. A sniper's worst enemy is another sniper, and in this duel Widowmaker has the upper hand thanks to her superior range.


Lucio is an example of a music lover who through his, often deadly, music tries to change the world - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Lucio is an example of a music lover who through his, often deadly, music tries to change the world. He's a Support and a good one. Lucio can provide healing, as well as movement speed bonus, which works perfectly when engaging the enemy or retreating. What's more, his ultimate ability, Sound Barrier, covers the team with a shield able to absorb damage.


  1. Always keep one thing is mind, while playing as Lucio - if there is an opponent chasing you, try to lure him to the edge of the map and push him into the chasm with the RMB.
  2. While aiming at a moving target, try to predict its path and shoot in front of him. Lucio's projectiles reach the target with a delay. This requires some practicing, but it will benefit you in later games.
  3. Remember to change Lucio's tunes to make them fit the situation. For attack or retreat, use speed amplification, whereas in combat, health regeneration will come in handy.
  4. Save Sound Barrier for a team battle, thanks to which you will shield a greater number of allies.


Due to the fact that Supports weren't designed to take a lot of damage, they can be quickly dispatched by such characters as, for example Widowmaker, Reaper, or McCree. Also heroes that possess a skill with stun effect or some form of crowd control can easily neutralize Lucio (e.g. Roadhog).


McCree is a character taken straight from western movies - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

McCree is a character taken straight from western movies. He metes out justice with his trusty six-shooter friend - Peacekeeper. His burst is probably the highest among all heroes, especially at short and medium distance. One of the best of his weapons are grenades that can quickly disable the opponent and leave him vulnerable to attack. McCree's flag ability - Deadeye - allows you to target nearby enemies and fire at them with lethal precision. One thing is for certain - high noon is sure to come for his targets.

How to play?

McCree is an offensive character that works best in 1v1 duels over short distance. Your main task should be to sneak behind enemy lines and eliminate the opponents oblivious to your presence.

McCree's basic attack is E+RMB. If you manage to immediately stun the target with the grenade, he will become an easy target for your Peacekeeper. The only exception here are tanks, but even with them, McCree should not have too much problems. All this, thanks to the automatic pistol reload by means of Combat Roll. To eliminate a tank in no time at all, perform the following combo: E+RMB+Shift+RMB. You only have to remember that shields stop your grenade, which is why you should throw it at the exposed opponent.


  1. McCree works best in narrow rooms and corridors. He is not too effective in large open maps.
  2. To use the grenade and Peacemaker burst well, you have to get to know your enemies. Never try to stun shielded opponents and do not fire your bursts at Genji before he uses up his Deflection.
  3. McCree has low mobility,. You should reconsider your actions, before you walk out into the open, because escaping may be problematic.
  4. Do not run around the map with no purpose. While in defense, it is much better to stand in a frequented corridor and wait for the enemy there, instead of orbiting around the defended a control point, or trying to assail the opponent's starting point. McCree's advantage lies in surprise. If you take a good position by a building's exit, you will have no problems damaging any leaving opponent with your deadly combo.
  5. Do not try too much to use your Deadeye (Q). This is a very powerful attack which, unfortunately, exposes you to attacks and alarms opponents to your presence. It is better to use it 1-2 times in a good way, rather than to use it 5-6 times and die before you fire.
  6. Not always do you have to kill opponents with Deadeye. Sometimes, it is better just to deal some damage to them and survive.
  7. Deadeye is a good deterrent. If there are several seconds left before you defend your control point use Q, even if you are not in the most convenient of positions. Your opponents will hear the warning and withhold their attack for those several seconds.
  8. The closer the opponent are, the faster Deadeye targets them. Sometimes, it is a good idea to use it on a higher level and then, within its duration, jump down behind opponents' backs. If you play it well, your opponents will not have the time to react.


Heroes with high long-range damage can easily eliminate the gunman, because his bullets do not travel that far. Out of the heroes, it is definitely Widowmaker, Hanzo and Soldier: 67 (who is much better over medium distance) that have the advantage of distance. Over short distance, McCree can win any duel.


Mei is a scientist that fights to save the nature - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Mei is a scientist that fights to save the nature. Her defensive abilities work well in team battles. Mei is capable of freezing opponents and also turn herself into a block of ice. What is even more, in any spot, she can create a wall of ice, thanks to which she is excellent at defending control points, or separating some of the opponents to gain advantage in numbers.


  1. Always try to target the freezing beam to the opponent's head to deal as much damage as possible. What is even more, with the opponent frozen, you can take a shoot the opponent through the head to ensure a kill.
  2. Use Ice Wall to block-off narrow passages, or to make it impossible for the opponents to reach their target. This ability also allows for "crowd control" on the map. If you create a wall by the exit of a tunnel or a building, the opponent will be able to approach from one side only, thanks to which your team can prepare appropriately for the attack.
  3. Remember that Ice Wall is just a terrain obstacle, so it can also be used by your opponents - Widowmaker can jump onto the very top using the Grappling Hook, Hanzo will climb over it and Lucio an run over it.
  4. As soon as you spot Reinhardt prepare to charge, create the Ice Wall in front of him, which will neutralize his Unique Ability.
  5. When you activate the Ice Wall while looking down, the wall will elevate you.


Considering the fact that Mei's freezing beam is of limited range, any character that an shoot her over long range becomes a serious threat (e.g. Soldier: 76, Tracer).


Mercy is a hero youll want to have in your team; no questions about that - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Mercy is a hero you'll want to have in your team; no questions about that! She's a top-notch Support who can keep her allies alive thanks to her effective healing skills. And that's not all, because Mercy can also increase the damage inflicted by her allies! Her most useful party trick, however, is the ability to resurrect all nearby allies with full health! This ultimate skill can easily turn the tides of a battle.


  1. Learn to use Caduceus Staff properly. The LMB creates a ling wit hthe selected ally and heals him. Remember to change your target, after the healing process ends, to prevent losing the ability on someone with full health. The RMB increases damage dealt by the ally. As soon as you spot that an ally signals activation of the Ultimate Ability, you can additionally boost it.
  2. Guardian Angel is a perfect dash ability. Thanks to it, Mercy can quickly dash towards an ally and help him in combat. It should be noted that, when your allies die, you can use this ability to retreat, because you can dash towards the bodies of the dead team members.
  3. Before you use Resurrect, find out how many of the allies you an actually resurrect. If you see that others will soon die, wait for a moment before you press Q. Remember that you an only resurrect those of the allies that have died no longer than 10 seconds earlier, and their bodies are no farther away than 15 meters away from you.
  4. The healing ability can also restore shield! Thanks to this, Reinhardt's shield can hold on forever.


Since Mercy is widely known to be the best currently available Support, she becomes a top-priority target during team matches. Mercy's biggest problem will be the heroes who can quickly find themselves in her vicinity, for example Genji or Winston. Without any cover, Mercy can also be easily taken out by Widowmaker or Hanzo.


Reinhardt is big, tough, and perfect as a Tank - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Reinhardt is big, tough, and perfect as a Tank. He has an energy shield that is just what you need when you have to protect your allies. This ability is useful both in attack and in defense. What's more, Reinhardt can also use Charge to pin an enemy to the wall. The enemy who gets hit by that will need some time before he can get a grip. Another useful skill is his ultimate skill, Earthshatter, which enables Reinhardt to knock down all enemies within its range. Unparalelled amount of health, endurance (shield) and crowd control skills make him the best Tank in the game.


  1. With his Barrier Field activated, Reinhardt moves much slower and he is incapable of performing any attacks. Keep in mind that Barrier Field does not protect him from aerial attacks at a specific angle.
  2. Reinhardt has been designed to protect his allies, so you cannot expect that he will deal tremendous damage. Still, do not hesitate to use Charge against a fragile target standing by a wall. This way, you can eliminate him instantly.
  3. Earthshatter creates a seismic wave and it stuns enemies within radius. This is a perfect ability that may allow his allies to use their Ultimate Abilities.


Reinhardt is big, as in big target very easy to hit. Shotguns will hurt him a lot, especially at close range, making Reaper and Roadhog the two guys to turn to if you need a Reinhardt taken down. Zenyatta and his Orb of Discord can also be useful in making his life a lot more difficult.


Tracer appears to be suffering from ADHD - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Tracer appears to be suffering from ADHD. She is incredibly energetic and agile, not to mention the fact that she can reverse time. If you jump into the heart of action and notice that it may not have been the best idea after all, you can always jump back in time and try from another angle! Her rapid-fire pistols are the perfect weapon to get under the skin of the enemy team; that's why when playing as this character you should always try to flank and distract your opponents using hit-and-run tactics.


  1. Tracer is highly vulnerable to damage and that is why it will take some time before you learn to use Blink and Recall effectively and not take damage.
  2. Tracer's pistols have very small clips and you will often have to reload, so you can use Blink or Recall while reloading, whenever necessary.
  3. Try to aim slightly below the opponent's head, because the weapon has a slight scatter and it does not hit the selected point.
  4. Recall will allow you not only to catch some breath, reload the weapon and heal, but it also removes negative effects, such as Stun or Poisoning.
  5. Thanks to Blink, Tracer is perfect for eliminating turrets and she is very good against Bastion.


Tracer may be fast, but if she gets caught on Roadhog's hook you can write her off. Same if she gets caught in McCree's Flashbang or Reinhardt's Charge. One more problem will be Widowmaker who, assuming that she gets a clear shot, is unlikely to waste a good opportunity.


Symmetra is a unique character able to, literally, bend reality to her will - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Symmetra is a unique character able to, literally, bend reality to her will. She can put up sentry towers that will attack nearby enemies. Her turrets can be attached even on the ceiling or in other surprising places. While this is terribly annoying for the opponent, the turrets themselves have limited stopping power, and can be quickly destroyed. Symmetra's real deal is her ultimate skill, Teleporter. The portal can be set up anywhere, and the entrance to it will always be located in the team's base. Portal remains in place until the opponents find and destroy it. Which means that if your team gets wiped out, they will be able to instantly return to the battlefield.


  1. Try to deploy turrets in spots where they will be difficult to locate, for the opponent. If they want to lose time over searching for them, they will receive some damage in the couse of that. Corners of corridors and of small rooms make good spots. Deployed in this way, turrets have quite decent angle of vision.
  2. Deploy turrets as high above as possible, thanks to which they do not get destroyed accidentally in melee.
  3. Symmetra's weapon is self-guided, so take advantage of that in combat. Run around, jump, do everything you can to confuse him and deal continuous damage.
  4. Teleporter always has to be deployed in a spot that is difficult to see, but as close to the target point as to save the team long walks before they get back into the fight.


Symmetra isn't exactly a damage dealer, and she definitely has a problem with fast heroes, like Genji or Tracer. Moreover, those mobile heroes can easily locate (and smash) turrets and teleporters.


Another hero who is capable of building turrets - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Another hero who is capable of building turrets. They are larger than those used by Symmetra and capable of actually dealing some damage. Interestingly, Torbjorn can improve his inventions by adding new options, such as a second gun barrel or a rocket launcher.


  1. Torbjorn is not a good choice for attacking a control point or for escorting. When the team progresses ahead, and the frontline moves forward, it will take some time before you deploy your turret, upgrade it and...will have to move forward again.
  2. Can carry 200 Armor Packs, so make sure to throw armor upgrades on the ground, every now and then, which can then be used by your allies. Saving them for yourself makes not much sense. Place the buff on the ground and collect another one.
  3. While deploying armor packs, do this in spots that are convenient for your allies. If you hide one in a corner, it may be useless for anybody. A good spot is the spawn point. Also, you can throw the pack directly at your ally.
  4. Be creative while deploying turrets and find a spot where the turret can cover the largest area possible. Also, try to get a protection for it, at least on one side.


Any agile character or one that can pick him off from a distance will be Torbjorn's mortal enemy (Widowmaker, Tracer, Bastion, Hanzo).


Widowmaker is a typical sniper - she must first find a suitable firing position before she can seriously harm anybody - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Widowmaker is a typical sniper - she must first find a suitable firing position before she can seriously harm anybody. Consequently, playing as this character will have you jump across rooftops (thanks to her Grappling Hook) or hide in various nooks waiting for an unsuspecting target to appear in your crosshairs.


  1. Snipers always become the first target, so you cannot stay in one spot for too long, because you will simply attract attention. Take several shots and change your position to confuse the opponents.
  2. Use the Grappling Hook to reach a rooftop, or the top of a natural obstacle quickly. This ability becomes useful both while searching for a convenient spot to take a shot, and win case of the necessity to escape quickly.
  3. You can deploy only one Venom Mine at a time, so it is best to deploy it in one of the passages, before you take a shot from hiding. This way, you will be early alarmed that a danger is coming.
  4. In case you know that you are not going to make it to the first-aid kit on time, use Grappling Hook, to get to it faster.
  5. Intra-sight marks on the map the enemy heroes, turrets and teleporters.


Winston is able to stay close to Widowmaker and hound her until she's done for, and Roadhog can pull her down from lower roofs and eliminate using his shotgun. Reinhardt may pose her a problem due to the fact that he has a shield to protect his allies.


Another tank, but this time sporting the ability to heal himself - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Another tank, but this time sporting the ability to heal himself. Roadhog is also able to deal some serious damage, especially at close range. His Chain Hook, assuming it hits, is able to catch and pull in a target. This enables him to stuff his unfortunate enemy full of shotgun pellets on the spot. His ultimate, Whole Hog, is very helpful when warding off enemy attacks because it knocks back any enemy it hits.


  1. Chain Hook does not penetrate shields and covers, so pick your targets carefully. Remember that after you launch the Chain Hook, your character will freeze in one spot, until the end of the animation.
  2. Chain Hook pulls the enemy to you. Make sure that you do not make it easier for the opponents to eliminate your allies. Try not to pull towards your ally anyone, if he is low on health, or else he is as good as dead.
  3. Remember that you can launch the Chain Hook against heroes who are up in the air and pull them to the ground this way. Fara is a good example here, because she is easy to reach while she is in the middle of her Ultimate Ability.
  4. After you pull the target to yourself, perform a combo that is as devastating as possible: LMB + Melee attack + LMB.
  5. Whole Hog, which is Roadhog's Ultimate Ability, is a very useful weapon for defending a control point, because it knocks back enemies.


Genji, thanks to his incredible mobility, is able to put Roadhog in his place, not to mention the fact that he can deflect his bullets. Reaper, as a natural born Tank-killer, is the biggest threat to any Roadhog as well.


Winston is a very aggressive Tank - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Winston is a very aggressive Tank. His primary task is to jump on the most fragile elements of the enemy team and harass them until they are no more. Winston is able to rise into the air using his Jump Pack and create a defensive shield that absorbs damage from a fairly large area. His ultimate is Primal Rage. While raging Winston becomes virtually unstoppable. Rage gives him a boost to health and melee damage as well as reduces the cooldown of his Jump Pack. The downside is he cannot shoot. Oh, and one more thing, activating his ultimate completely heals him! Thus Primal Rage is perfect for situations when you could use some healing and then wreak some havoc.


  1. Tesla Cannon does not require aiming, so you can simply orbit around enemies with the LMB pressed. What is interesting, the cannon can penetrate covers and, if the opponents that you attack are near, it can split and deal damage to e.g. two opponents at a time.
  2. Set the Barrier Projector on the most fragile heroes in your team. Thanks to this, they will be able to deal much more damage before they are forced to retreat.
  3. Jump pack can allow you to reach targets above, just like in the case of e.g. Hanzo or Widowmaker. With Winston on their backs, your opponents will not have it easy.
  4. Barrier Projector absorbs damage from projectiles only. Melee attacks will easily penetrate it.


To take down Winston first you have to wait for his Primal Rage to end, then you can switch to the offensive. Reaper is a good remedy due to the very high damage of his shotguns. Roadhog, who also has a shotgun, works as well. He can also keep Winston away from his team using the Chain Hook or knock him back using his ultimate.


While basically a Tank, Zarya acts as a tougher-than-usual Support packing some punch to boot - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

While basically a Tank, Zarya acts as a tougher-than-usual Support packing some punch to boot. Her Particle Barrier absorbs enemy damage and uses it to boost the damage of her own weapon. She can also shield one of her allies with a similar type of barrier. Her ultimate can completely change the course of a team battle - Graviton Surge not only inflicts a lot of damage, but also pulls in the enemies into a single location. Which allows her teammates to wipe the floor with the opposing team if played well.


  1. Particle Barrier absorbs damage and uses the power to buff Zarya's attacks. While playing against her, try to wait through the duration of the barrier to avoid buffing the opponent's attacks.
  2. Before you activate the barrier, make sure that the opponent is still shooting at you. If you activate it before you engage into a fight, the majority of opponents will simply wait out the duration of the barrier and start attacking after it disengages.
  3. If you spot that the opponents are hiding behind a barrier, fire the Graviton Surge to their feet to make it effective.


Another target for Reaper and Rodhog. Pharah works nice as well, as she's able to shoot rockets from outside the effective range of Zarya's weapon.


Monk acting as a Support - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Monk acting as a Support. He is able to attack on his own by using energy orbs, but he is rather fragile. He has a very interesting ability, namely Orb of Harmony, which follows the chosen ally and slowly restores his health as long as Zenyatta is alive and the orb is within his eyesight. Zenyatta can be useful when eliminating armored targets, like Reinhardt for example. Zenyatta's Orb of Discord can be attached to an enemy. The target then takes increased damage from all sources as long as Zenyatta has it within his eyesight.


  1. Orb of Discord is lethal against tanks. Make sure that your opponents learn that.
  2. Orb of Harmony remains by the targeted ally while Zenyatta is still alive. Over the duration, they can move around as much as they want and their health will slowly return to maximum.
  3. You can support one Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord at a time, so try to change targets whenever necessary.


Zenyatta is VERY susceptible to damage, so much that virtually every hero in Overwatch can be threat to him.


Junkrat is a textbook example of a mad bomber - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Junkrat is a textbook example of a mad bomber. It is not easy to get the hang of this character, not to mention taming those bouncing grenades. Sometimes you just have to rely on luck. Among his useful skill you will find Concussion Mine and Steel Trap, which he can set up throughout the map. Mines knock back enemies and traps immobilize them. His ultimate, and truly spectacular, ability is a murderous tire that can be controlled on the battlefield. It explodes after some time, inflicting massive damage (you can also detonate it remotely). His twisted, destructive genius becomes apparent also through the fact that when he dies Junkrat drops several live grenades, which can sometimes avenge him on the spot.


  1. You can use Concussion Mine to harass opponents, but there is also another use that it has. As soon as you deploy the mine in front of you and jump onto it, you will launch the hero up into the air,. Thanks to this trick, you can batter enemies from above, or move around the map faster and get around some of the terrain obstacles.
  2. Frag Launcher can introduce utter chaos into team battle. Stand within a safe distance and spam grenades! Bounce them off walls, ground and everything that you can, which will create an uncontrollable trajectory for them. Thanks to this, it will be much more difficult for your opponents to avoid them.
  3. Remember that grenades can also wound the Junkrat! Keep that in mind while in narrow spaces.
  4. When your character is close to dying, and the opposing team are clustered together, sometimes it is a good idea to sacrifice yourself and launch at them, because after he dies, Junkrat drops grenades ready to explode that can blow up the entire opposing team.
  5. When you want to launch the RIP-Tire, try to do this while behind a corner or another obstacle, because you are sure to get killed otherwise, while trying to launch it.


All characters that have a large burst will be a threat to this hero (e.g. Hanzo or Reaper), as well as those who have lots of health and are able to survive his burst (Winston, Roadhog, Reinhardt).


An ex-soldier gone mercenary gone assassin who specializes in sowing panic and destruction in the ranks of his enemies - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

An ex-soldier gone mercenary gone assassin who specializes in sowing panic and destruction in the ranks of his enemies. He fits perfectly into the role of a villain. He can inflict truly massive damage with his twin shotguns. Especially suited for attacking large targets because it's easier to land the whole shot. As a result, nobody can wipe out Tanks as well as he can. Reaper is able to disperse into mist for a short time to avoid any damage. What's more, he has the ability to teleport using Shadow Step, and a well-timed Death Blossom (his ultimate) can eliminate all nearby enemies.


  1. Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns deal much more damage at short range than at long range. This has to do with considerable spread of the shotguns.
  2. Thanks to the teleportation ability, Reaper is excellent at elimination of turrets, Bastion and Tanks.
  3. Throughout the duration of Wraith Form, you cannot attack, but you can collect first-aid kits.
  4. After you have activated Death Blossom, you deal damage around your own axis. Try to use it during team battles, instead of for elimination of a single target.


When fighting against Reaper choose characters that can fire at him from beyond the range of his shotguns, such as Pharah or Hanzo. The exception to this rule is Genji, who basically specializes in close quarters combat, but is able to deflect enemy projectiles.

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is an example of a well-balanced hero - Characteristics of the heroes and how to counter them - Heroes - Overwatch Game Guide

Soldier: 76 is an example of a well-balanced hero. While he doesn't have an extraordinary burst, the damage he can inflict is quite big. He may not be very durable, but his healing ability, which can also heal nearby allies, compensates for this. What's more, Soldier: 76 can quickly move across the map because he can dash like a true sprinter. With the help of his Tactical Visor he can also lock on to his enemies, which guarantees a hit.


  1. While fighting face-to-face with the opponent, always activate Biotic Field and keep within its area. Thanks to this, you will be healing your wounds and it will be much more difficult for the enemy to win.
  2. Use Sprint to move around the map effectively. Thanks to this ability, you can quickly return to the battlefield and also quickly escape and change your attacking position. Mobility is one of the key features of a good, effective soldier!
  3. You can place the Biotic Field on a moving object, e.g. the escorted car. Thanks to this, it will move with you and it will keep healing team members.
  4. Over duration of the Tactical Visor, you can lock on one target at a time, so try to switch between targets. Lock on the most fragile ones in the first place.


All tough characters, for example Winston and Roadhog are able to withstand his burst, and then put him down. Characters that have a significant range, such as Hanzo or Widowmaker may also prove to be deadly enemies for him.

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