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Overwatch Game Guide

Table of Contents

Hybrid Overwatch Guide

Last update: 03 October 2016

In below chapter you will find advices about three maps available in Hybrid mode. Some of them are for the defenders and some for the attackers. In the text you will find, among other things, information about crucial heroes and descriptions of useful shortcuts.?



  1. On the team, there should be flankers (one or two, at least ). Heroes such as Trace or Genji can quickly deal with the opponent's defensive turrets.
  2. During the first attack, you should have at least one tank on the team. The best heroes to pick are Reinhardt, D. Va or Winston. Each one of them can protect their allies from incoming projectiles.
  3. During fights for the last control point, it pays off to have at least one sniper in the team, because the opponent is sure to have deployed his defense turrets.


  1. Widowmaker is one of the best defensive picks for this map, due to the numerous convenient vantage points.
  2. Bastion or Torbjorn also make a good choice. Defensive turrets will always come in handy while defenting a control point.
  3. Also Junkrat is a good pick for defense. If you keep spamming grenades from nearby balconies, you are sure to wreak havoc among enemy lines and you will force them to regroup. Grenades are also effective at smoking opponents from behind tanks.
  4. While fighting for the last control point, position a sniper and Bastiona on two opposing sides and ensure them with cover from the rest of the heroes.

King's Row


  1. On the map, there are many side passages that you can take advantage of and flank opponents. Consider picking such heroes as Tracer, Reaper or Genji.
  2. After you die, you will have to cover quite a distance back to the battlefield. This makes Symmetra incredibly helpful on this map. Not only can she deploy a teleporter, but also secure some of the passages with turrets.
  3. During fights for a control point, it is a good think to have a tank with you. Reinhardt or Roadhog will be the best here.
  4. Also Fara proves her worth on King's Row map. Battering the control point from above will make opponents regroup or focus their firepower on the airborne attack, which exposes them to attack from the rest of the team.


  1. On the map, there are many vantage points, such as balconies or bridges that you can man with snipers.
  2. Fara is both good as defender and as offender.
  3. On the team, there should be ne support, at least. Mercy or Lucio will ensure longer survival to the team, thanks to which you will be able to fight back the enemy for longer.
  4. If there are many fragile heroes on the opposing team, you can try out Winston, who will pester on them continuously.
  5. Consider picking Mei for your team, because her Ice wall can effectively separate opposing team from their tank. What is even more, you can block off the passage to the main square, which will make it more difficult for the attacking team to get there.



  1. Lucio is a perfect pick from the very beginning. Thanks to boosts, you can surprise the enemy with your speedy arrival to the battlefield. Additionally, his healing ability will also prove highly useful.
  2. During the attack on the first control point, you can to take the curved road right by the edge of the map. It will Take you right behind the enemy's back, right by the vehicle. Be careful, though, and mind the shooter on the balcony.
  3. Fara can deal with heroes behind buses and statues. Since she is capable of conducting fire from the air, obstacles are not a problem to her.
  4. Take advantage of the numerous side passages to get behind the enemy's back. Do so especially if everybody is taking cover behind Reinhardt's shield.


  1. While waiting for opponents, man vantage points. There are many balconies around the vehicle, where you can take a good position.
  2. Torbjorn's turret, or Bastion's cannon will surely be useful while fighting back the first attack.
  3. The gigantic statue right past the first control point is a perfect cover for snipers.
  4. Since there are numerous side passages and narrow rooms on the map, you can try playing as Junkrat. Spam grenades into the corridors and rooms to smoke out opponents quickly.
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