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StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Game Guide by

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 12 - Steps of the Rite | Achievements - Legacy of the Void SC II: Legacy of the Void Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Steps of the Rite. Requires you to complete the mission on any difficulty level.

Guerrillas in the Mist. Kill one of the guardians while the terrazine fog is active. Gather your army near one of the bases while eliminating the mission targets and wait for the fog to be active. Once that happens, attack the base and kill the guardian. This requires you to split your forces, so make sure that you have left strong enough defenses in the base.

Rise and Shrine. Complete the mission on normal difficulty level before the terrazine fog raises four times. In other words, you must complete the mission in less than 22 minutes. It is best to combine this achievement with the previous one - attack the mission objectives while the terrazine fog is active. This will allow you to save precious minutes.

The Rite Stuff. Complete the mission on high difficulty level without destroying Tal'Darim forces. All of them, including additional motherships. In theory a hard objective, it is actually much simpler than one could think. To complete you need chrono surge, orbital strike, reconstruction beam, mass recall and time stop abilities.

Create the maximum number of workers at the start of the mission. Start producing void rays. Don't build any defensive buildings, your defense should consist only of void rays - they will be enough. Gather resources and produce void rays during first wave of Amon's attacks. Keep them at the northern entrance, that is from where the enemies will come.

When the terrazine fog drops, immediately move the void rays to the southern edge of the map, straight south from the main base. Once you reach the edge of the map, move left until you get behind point [2]. Fly towards enemy base and destroy the guardian that can be found there. You can lose a ship or two. Before attacking, give your units two orders using the SHIFT key. First order will be to attack the target, the second order will be to move west. Thanks to that, after destroying the target the units will retreat. If you will not do it, there is a chance that they will make damage that will make it impossible to get the achievement.

Go left from point [2] and then north. Keep flying near the edge of the map. Once you reach [3], use time stop. Attack the second mission objective using the fact that enemy units are stopped. If you will have enough energy, use orbital strike as well. When the target will fall, use mass recall on the surviving void rays.

Build another ships and pylons in the base. If you can, use chrono surge to speed up the production. When the terrazine fog will rise again, protect only using the void rays. Move them between the base entrances, destroying all enemies on your way. At this point you should have around 20 ships. When the terrazine fog will drop again, fly right. Once you have the edge of the map on the right, move north, towards the [1]. Stop right from it and repeat the operation from [2] - use the SHIFT key to give order to attack the target and then retreat. More or less at this point you will receive information about an attack of enemy fleet. Don't defend yourself. Stop the production of the units. If any void ray remains there, send him to the lower right corner of the map. It is about making sure that none of your units or buildings will attack the incoming fleet. Leave the probes at the work. However, you will not need anymore resources.

Send your void rays fleet to the north. Bypass the second mothership [M2] from the north and fly towards [4]. When you will see enemy units, use time stop. Give again the order to destroy the target and retreat. If you have done everything correctly, according to the final statistics the total number of killed enemies will be only larger by 4 than the number of killed Amon's phantoms.

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