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Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Game Guide by

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Game Guide

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Strat Clut Welsh Kingdom in Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Guide & Tips

Last update: 19 June 2018

The campaign of the Welsh faction is not the easiest one. To the north you can find Scots and Vikings. To the south powerful English countries, as well as a large Viking faction. On the other side there are numerous Irish countries - they are far away from you, but they will quickly start allying. Your small country is in the middle of all this. However, you can use this situation to your advantage. Vikings, as well as other northern kingdoms will quickly start fighting between each other, providing you with a perfect opportunity for conquer.

Cavalry is a strong side of the Welsh Kingdoms. Aside from that, they have access to decently strong archers. Most of the neighboring countries rely on melee infantry and ranged units. This gives you an advantage when fighting on open areas. Use the power of charge and the speed of your riders. Focus on upgrading cavalry units in the tech tree. More advanced cavalry units are more effective than the initial ones and no other factions can stand up to them. This will give you an advantage and allow you to win on the battlefield.

Strat Cut has a unique building in the capitol of the kingdom - Strat Clut Welsh Kingdom in Total War Saga Thrones of Britannia - Welsh Kingdoms - Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Game Guide

Strat Cut has a unique building in the capitol of the kingdom. It provides public order, fame and large amount of money from industry. You should, however, first upgrade buildings from the marketplace and agriculture tabs. You do not have many options for development, which is why you should focus on conquering the neighboring countries. It is best to wait for a mission, completing which will provide your treasure with sufficient money. If it is close to your kingdom, prepare yourself for war.

Recommended expanse routes:

(1) To the south-west you can find a small kingdom, neighboring your own, that can easily be conquered. The only downside is their alliance with the Vikings in the east. However, if they (Vikings) are at war with their neighbors and their armies are far away, it is well worth the risk. The great Viking army at the beginning of the game often fights with numerous neighbors and need to take care of rebels in their own ranks.

(2) Conquering Circenn and remaining Scottish countries is quite a challenge, but it is well worth the risk. Once you conquer them, you will not have to worry about those areas from the rest of the game. The downside is the mountainous area and the Scottish miners. However, once you conquer that region, you will have a safe, economically developed lands at your disposal.

(3) Vikings located in the north will quickly start their expanse, but in most cases to the south. They quickly assimilate smaller kingdoms. They will eventually turn into a difficult opponent. It is worth to conquer the western Scotland and the neighboring island to secure the north.

(4) Expanse to the Irish kingdoms is a good idea in the later part of the game. It all will depend on the situation on the map. If the island will still be divided into numerous smaller kingdoms, conquering it will be easy, but you will still need to prepare a considerable army, supplies and money.

(5) Avoid wars and negative relations with Vikings and countries located deep into England. Those are large and powerful countries, capable of quickly overwhelming your small kingdom. Eventually, the Viking kingdom might be conquered or assaulted from the invading fleets, but until that time comes you should avoid any conflict with it.

Characteristics of the faction

It has very unique abilities that set them apart from others. All armies receive increased amount of supplies and higher morale. Thanks to that, your units will be capable of fighting longer and even the weaker units will be able to face off against stronger foes.

Heroism is a special characteristic of Welsh kingdoms. It is characterized by honor and knighthood. Winning a battle, fighting against stronger enemies, advancing heroes to higher levels and completing missions increases it. However, losing battles, running away from battles and pillage decreases heroism.

Strat Cult is better at controlling centralized provinces and regions. It is easier to provide additional public order by controlling regions, especially entire provinces. What is more, conquering cities might initiate additional missions, requiring, in most cases, conquering specific settlements and providing you with a large sum of gold for completing them.

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