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Total War: Warhammer Game Guide

Table of Contents

Dwarven units TW: Warhammer Guide

Last update: 08 September 2017

As it was mentioned in the introduction, Dwarf units are characterized by their durability, discipline and magic resistance, but pay for that with below average mobility and complete lack of cavalry units and spells. Here you can find one of the heaviest armored units in the entire game, as well as various artillery units and even flying units capable of attacking from afar.

Melee infantry

Dwarves have access to the following melee infantry units:

  • Miners - the most basic melee infantry unit available to the Dwarves. In late game they become quite ineffective against more advance units, but they are still effective against enemies that lack armor-piercing damage. Additionally, they have two abilities - Vanguard Deployment, allowing you to deploy them outside of the standard deploy area, as well as the ability to deal additional damage to enemy walls and gates.
  • Miners (blasting charges) - a variant of the unit described above. They have exactly the same stats as a "regular" Miners unit, but they gain the ability to throw explosive charges at a short distance. Those charges can deal a lot of damage to large groups of enemies. This in turn allows them to be effective against a lot stronger units, provided that the unit they are throwing the charges at remain at the spot.
  • Dwarf Warriors - a unit that is a little more effective in combat in comparison to Miners thanks to their superior damage and the shields that allow them to avoid some missile fire. They are extremely effective against enemy large and cavalry units, as they negate their charge bonuses.
  • Dwarf Warriors (great weapons) - a variant of the unit described above. They sacrifice their ability to fight with large and cavalry units, as well as their shields in order to deal greater normal and armor-piercing damage. However, regular Dwarf Warriors are better because of their anti-large capabilities.
  • Longbeards - this is basically the upgraded version of the Dwarf Warriors. They have better armor, deal more damage and are even more effective at combating enemy large and cavalry units. Additionally, they have the Old Grumbles ability, that increases discipline of nearby allied units similarly to how a Lord does it (unfortunately, this bonus does not stack with the one provided by the Lord).
  • Longbeards (great weapons) - just like the above example, those units sacrifice their anti-large capabilities, as well as their shields to be able to deal more damage and be better at breaking through enemy armor. Regular Longbeards are still better because of their bonuses against large and cavalry units.
  • Slayers - one of the most unique Dwarven units. They have no armor, which causes them to receive full damage from any type of attack, but they can deal immense damage when in combat. They have access to a number of unique abilities, such as deflecting incoming missile fire with their weapons, or dealing a final blow when they are killed in combat. Unfortunately, the lack of armor makes them completely useless in combat.
  • Hammerers - probably the best Dwarven unit, at least when it comes to dealing damage. Their powerful blows have one of the highest armor-piercing capabilities in the entire game (second only to Lords, Heroes and artillery) and they have a thick armor on their own as well.
  • Ironbreakers - the most elite and technologically advanced melee infantry unit available to this faction. They have one of the thickest armors in the game (beating Lords!) and they are equipped with shields, making them extremely durable on the battlefield. What is more, their discipline value causes them to be basically unbreakable. They are extremely effective at defending other units, thanks to their ability to negate any charge bonuses from any unit. They also have access to a unique ranged weapon - it has only 2 ammunition, but it allows them to weaken enemy units before engaging them in melee combat. Those units are very expensive to recruit and keep in an army, but they are well worth the price.

Missile infantry

Dwarves have access to the following missile infantry units:

  • Rangers (DLC The King and the Warlord) - troops with weaker armor than other range units but with two special abilities. Vanguard Deployment - the unit can deploy in an expanded deployment area, and Stalk - the unit can move hidden in any terrain. Rangers are also faster than other Dwarf units. Thus, you can sneak upon your enemy from behind and fire once he engages the rest of your troops.
  • Rangers (Great Weapons) (DLC The King and the Warlord) - A slightly modified version of the Rangers with the same abilities. Instead of a crossbow, this unit is equipped with throwing axes, which limits the range and increases damage and the chance to penetrate armor.
  • Quarrellels - a unit equipped with thick armor and a shield, which is unheard of when it comes to missile infantry units. They are decent at ranged combat, although they problems against armored targets. When they run out of ammunition they are capable of effective melee combat.
  • Quarrellels (great weapons) - a variant of the unit described above. They cast off their shields to be able to use two-handed weapons - this allows them to deal more damage in melee combat when they run out of ammunition.
  • Thunderers - another missile infantry of the Dwarves. Similarly to Quarrellels they have good armor and are equipped with shields, and their bullets are effective against armored targets. After running out of ammo they are decent melee ranged fighters.
  • Bugman's Rangers (DLC The King and the Warlord) - an upgraded version of the Rangers. Apart from better stats, they are immune to fear and terror, and can heal during battle. You can only recruit these warriors if you have control over regions where beer can be produced (required to build Dwarfen Brewery).
  • Irondrakes - probably the most unique missile infantry unit in the entire game. Irondrakes are equipped with flamethrowers, dealing immense damage against clusters of troops. Their range is rather short, which would make them quite vulnerable, if not for their extremely thick armors (120 points!), which is even better than the one available to Lords. Their only flaw is low armor-piercing damage.
  • Irondrakes (Trollhammer torpedo) - a unique variant of the unit described above, in which the flamethrowers are replaced with torpedo launchers. They attack from a little longer distance, but they aren't very effective against numerous foes because of their slow rate of fire. They are, however, extremely powerful against single, more durable enemies and Lords / Heroes - their "bullets" deal insanely high armor-piercing damage (100 points!). Additionally, they have the same thick armor of the regular Irondrakes' unit.


Dwarves have access to the following artillery units:

  • Bolt Thrower (DLC The King and the Warlord) - basic artillery unit with a limited range, which dealing less damage than the Grudge Thrower. On the other hand, it is more effective against large enemies.
  • Grudge Thrower - basic artillery unit of the faction, as well as one of the most effective when it comes to this "level of advancement". Those units hurl projectiles over vast distances. What is more, they deal a lot of armor-piercing damage, making them effective against clusters of heavily armored units. They are, however, ineffective when dealing with large and less numerous foes.
  • Cannon - a more advanced artillery unit, as well as an equivalent of sort of the unit described above. Cannons are effective against single, heavily armored targets. They have very good accuracy and are capable of dealing immense armor-piercing damage, making them strong against enemy Lords. Unfortunately, their rate of fire is lower than that of a Grudge Thrower, which causes them to be quite ineffective against numerous foes.
  • Organ Gun - a medium range artillery unit, effective against almost any unit type in the game. It fires a series of 4 projectiles with good armor-piercing capabilities. This makes this unit effective against both less and more numerous groups of heavily armored enemies.
  • Flame Cannon - an artillery unit created with the sole purpose of combating huge groups of enemies. Projectiles fired by this unit lack armor-piercing capabilities, but are extremely effective against clusters of unarmored troops thanks to huge explosion radius and "normal" damage. Unfortunately, they have a rather short range (for an artillery unit).

Flying units

Dwarves have access to the following flying units:

  • Gyrocopter - the most unique flying unit in the game because of the fact that it attacks from a range, not only in melee like the rest. This unit is extremely effective against clusters of unarmored infantry, but its low accuracy and armor-piercing value make it ineffective against single, armored targets.
  • Gyrocopter (brimstone gun) - a variant of the unit described above. This unit is a complete opposite to the "regular" Gyrocopter - effective against single, heavily armored targets and ineffective against clusters of weaker troops.
  • Gyrobomber - a combination of both versions of Gyrocopters. This unit is effective against clusters of enemies as it fires a series of projectiles. It deals a lot armor-piercing damage, making it useful against large groups of heavily armored enemy units.
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