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Total War: Warhammer Game Guide

Table of Contents

Warriors of Chaos Units TW: Warhammer Guide

Last update: 07 June 2016

As it was mentioned in the previous chapter, Armies of Chaos have access to extremely powerful melee units and a lot of different monstrous soldiers. What is more, their Lords and heroes are capable of casting powerful spells. However, they lack decent missile units, and have access to only a single type of artillery. In this chapter you will learn about every unit available to this faction.

Melee infantry

Armies of Chaos have access to the following melee infantry units:

  • Chaos Marauders - the most basic melee unit of this faction. They have shields and average damage, but they lack armor. Those units should be used only during the first couple dozen of turns, until you unlock access to Chaos Warriors and Chosen.
  • Chaos Marauders (Great Weapons) - a variant of the unit described above. They cast aside their shields to wield two-handed weapons, which increase their damage, but at the same time lowers their armor to a measly 15 points. This makes them one of the most vulnerable (and useless) units in the game.
  • Chaos Warriors - units many times more powerful and useful than Chaos Marauders. They have very thick armors, they can deal a lot of damage, have increased leadership and wield shields as well. One of the best units in the game when it comes to gold efficiency.
  • Chaos Warriors (Great Weapons) - a variant of the above unit. They now wield two-handed weapons instead of a shield, gaining higher damage that now deals more armor-piercing damage. Aside from that they are the same as regular Chaos Warriors.
  • Chaos Warriors (Halberds) - the first anti-large unit of this faction is also one of the best in the entire game. They deal almost the same damage as Chaos Warriors with great weapons, but they gain additional damage and protection when fighting with large enemies and cavalry units.
  • Chosen - the best melee infantry of this faction, as well as one of the best in the entire game. Chosen are basically an upgraded version of Chaos Warriors - thicker armor, higher health, damage and leadership. Those units should make majority of your army in the late game.
  • Chosen (Great Weapons) - an upgraded version of Chaos Warriors with great weapons. They get higher defense and attack, their armor is thicker, and their attacks do a lot of armor-piercing damage.
  • Chosen (Halberds) - and finally an upgraded version of the Chosen Warriors using halberds. All of their stats are increased in comparison to the mentioned units and they receive a higher bonus when fighting with large and cavalry units. This is probably the best anti-large unit in the game - well worth the (high) price.
  • Forsaken - quite a unique melee unit which focuses on dealing damage. Their non-piercing damage is the highest from all of the units in Armies of Chaos, but they lack any decent armor-piercing, making them effective only against unarmored foes. Their own armor is average and they have an ability that causes them to deal more damage.

Missile Cavalry

Armies of Chaos have access to the following missile cavalry units:

  • Marauder Horsemen - the first missile unit you will get when playing as Armies of Chaos. Their range is short, they lack armor, but they make up for it with their extreme speed and the ability to fire whilst moving. Additionally, they have the Vanguard Deployment ability, allowing you to set them up outside of the starting area. The only drawback is the lack of armor-piercing damage, making them ineffective against armored targets. Additionally, Marauder Horsemen are effective only against melee units that can't attack them - they will lose against any missile unit in the game.
  • Marauder Horsemen (Throwing Axes) - an upgraded version of the unit described above. They have even shorter range now, but they gain armor-piercing damage, allowing them to deal more of it against thick-armored targets. They also gain shields, which help them a little bit when dealing with enemy missile units. However, they still should be used against slow, melee units only - they will be demolished against any missile unit.

Cavalry and chariots

Armies of Chaos have access to the following cavalry and chariot units:

  • Chaos Knights - a very powerful cavalry unit. They have thick armors, are equipped with shields and are capable of dealing large amount of damage. Additionally, they cause fear to the enemies near them, decreasing their leadership.
  • Chaos Knights (lances) - an upgraded version of the regular Chaos Knights. While their armor, speed and health pool remain the same, they receive a large boost to their charge bonus making them deadly when charging at the enemy. The only drawback is the fact that they are worse in longer engages, as they have lower armor and attack compared to regular Chaos Knights. Those units should be used in Hit & Run tactics - charge at the enemy, retreat and charge again.
  • Chaos Chariot - Chaos Chariots are extremely effective at charging at enemies. A single charge from a group of those units can break the ranks of enemies. Unfortunately, they are ineffective when pinned down and unable to move and charge again
  • Gorebeast Chariot - an upgraded version of Chaos Chariots. They do a lot more armor-piercing damage, they have higher armor and receive even higher bonus to their charge. Additionally, they also cause fear, decreasing the leadership of enemy units. They have the same fatal flaw of the regular Chaos Chariots - once they are pinned down and unable to move their effectiveness drops.

Monsters, beasts and giants

Armies of Chaos have access to the following monstrous, beast or giant units:

  • Chaos Warhounds - an extremely fast unit that is useful at getting behind enemy lines. In direct combat they will lose to almost anything because of their low armor, defense and attack.
  • Chaos Warhounds (poison) - an almost identical unit as the one described above. The only difference is that their attacks now poison the enemies, decreasing their stats for a few seconds. In theory they are useful, but in practice you shouldn't use them when you unlock more powerful units.
  • Chaos Trolls - bigger than humans, smaller than giants. Those units are quite effective in combat thanks to their high armor-piercing damage, but they have almost no armor and their low leadership causes them to route all the time. They are extremely vulnerable to missiles. They constantly regenerate health and if left alone for enough time can fully replenish their health. Unfortunately, they can't regenerate dead units in the squad and they get -20% fire resistance with the regeneration.
  • Chaos Trolls (Armored) - basically an armored version of the unit described above. All of their stats are the same (as well as the ability to regenerate), but their armor increases from 30 to 80 making them a lot more durable.
  • Chaos Giant - the most powerful unit of the Armies of Chaos when it comes to raw damage, as well as the amount of armor-piercing damage they can deal. They have low armor but make up for that with extremely high health pool, although their biggest flaw is their slow movement speed (especially compared to Dragon Ogre Shaggoth). They cause fear and terror to enemies close to them.
  • Dragon Ogres - a unit similar to Chaos Trolls, but a lot more powerful. Those units deal a lot of damage and can move deceptively fast - only cavalry units will be able to get away from them. They have Scaly Skins, which cause them to receive decreased damage from missile attacks.
  • Dragon Ogre Shaggoth - a unit similar to a Chaos Giant. Although it has lower damage than the Chaos Giant, it has over twice the speed of it, making it one of the fastest, non-cavalry unit in the game. Their attacks deal a lot of damage (as well as armor-piercing damage) and they have Scaly Skins, which cause them to receive decreased damage from missile attacks.


Armies of Chaos have access to the following artillery units:

  • Hellcannon - the only artillery unit of the Warriors of Chaos. Those units are capable of shooting targets at long distances and dealing large amount of armor-piercing damage. They have a unique ability, Doomfire, which decreases the leadership of units that were hit by their projectiles. Additionally, their "bullets" home a little bit onto the target, allowing them to hit even very mobile units. However, they aren't very effective against huge clusters of troops.
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