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Universe at War: Earth Assault Game Guide by

Universe at War: Earth Assault Game Guide

Table of Contents

Example of how to play out a mission - part 2 | Masari UaW: EA Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

5) Matter Controller, final preparations

It's also important that you buy a Matter Controller building. Doing this will allow your superweapon to start charging itself. Make sure that you don't switch matter modes in the meantime, because it would only result in resetting the clock. You will probably receive an information that your enemy is preparing a superweapon of its own using a Material Conduit building. As you've probably suspected, finding this building will be your top priority. Focus on manufacturing new tanks in order to improve your army. You should consider acquiring a second Machina factory. I would also recommend ordering your Architect units to speed up the process by interacting with the existing factories.

6) Neutralizing main Hierarchy buildings - Example of how to play out a mission - part 2 - Masari - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough

6) Neutralizing main Hierarchy buildings

Start moving towards an enemy base. If you're not sure where to find it, look at the map and go towards the big ret dots. There's a high probability that it's your target. Each Hierarchy base is being guarded by three Walkers, however you will have to destroy two enemy buildings in the first place. Destroying the Material Conduit building will prevent your enemy from using its superweapon. Neutralizing an Abduction Core building will unable him to expand. You should also destroy Reaper Drones and Glyph Carvers while you're at it. I would recommend using the superweapon a moment before this assault has occured. Target one of the buildings or a larger group of enemy units. Once this is done, switch back to the light mode in order to increase the firepower of your tanks. Doing this will allow you to destroy both buildings mach faster than you've anticipated. Watch out for your main character. Move him back if he has suffered major injuries.

7) Destroying enemy Walker units - Example of how to play out a mission - part 2 - Masari - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough

7) Destroying enemy Walker units

I suspect you may have lost your entire army during the first attack. As a result, you should consider retreating with your remaining troops. Start rebuilding your army. You can speed up this process by building a third Machina factory. If you're feeling lucky, you can consider using air units by constructing Flight Machina. Either way, you will have to try to reach the maximum population cap as soon as possible. I would recommend building mostly Conqueror units. They're very fast, so you won't have any problems returning to your enemy. There's also very efficient against enemy Walker units and their production doesn't take too long. Send your new army towards enemy Walkers. Make sure that you're in a Light Energy mode. Start aiming at the available hardpoints of each Walker. Your attacks will be very powerful, so it won't take for these components to be destroyed. You can also activate your superweapon, however in the Light Matter mode it's going to be far less powerful. You will have to hunt down and destroy all three Hierarchy mechs.

8) Securing the area - Example of how to play out a mission - part 2 - Masari - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough

8) Securing the area

This final part of each mission is very ungrateful, because you will have to find and destroy all remaining enemy units. You shouldn't have any problems locating the remaining forces of the main Hierarchy army, as well as Reaper Drones. It's going to get more difficult with smaller units. You will have to be on a lookout for defensive turrets which may have been captured by your enemy. I would also recommend recruiting at least 10 Inquisitor units. They'll be able to scout the map quickly and they're good against flying saucers and monoliths. You should also consider rebuilding your army, because at the end of the mission you will have to make an important decision. You can choose whether to add some of the existing units to your strike force or to convert them into resources. I would recommend taking only Conqueror and Inquisitor units with you. Get rid of the rest of your troops.

1 - Example of how to play out a mission - part 2 - Masari - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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