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Universe at War: Earth Assault Game Guide by

Universe at War: Earth Assault Game Guide

Table of Contents

Mission 2 - part 1 | Hierarchy UaW: EA Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016


Tactical view

Map legend - Mission 2 - part 1 - Hierarchy - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Map legend:

1 - base - starting area

2 - main roads leading to your base

3 - southern missile facility (fifth objective)

4 - western missile facility (sixth objective)

5 - northern missile facility (seventh objective)

Mission walkthrough

Your duties during the course of the mission:

Your first task will be to summon some of the most important Hierarchy units and structures. You'll need them to be able to proceed with the main part of the mission. Your objective will be to find and destroy three missile facilities before they're able to damage your motherships.

Detailed mission walkthrough:

First objective: Use Glyph Carver to summon a Reaper Drone

For the first time you'll be allowed to find out how the expansion looks like from the Hierarchy perspective. I assume you might be a little overwhelmed by their unusual tactics, mostly because you'll be using Walkers, instead of standard bases. You'll also summon some of the larger units, instead of manufacturing them. Thankfully, you won't be attacked by anyone for the next few minutes (as long as you don't move your troops to the west). As a result, you'll have plenty of time to understand how this works. Start off by focusing on how to fulfill your first objective. You have two Glyph Carver units (screen) at your disposal. They're very similar to the Constructor units which you'll probably still remember from the previous campaign.

Select your Glyph Carver units - Mission 2 - part 1 - Hierarchy - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Select your Glyph Carver units. You will have to order them to summon a new type of unit, called a Reaper Drone. You must spend 1200 credits, but don't worry, because soon you'll start gathering resources. Wait for the Reaper Drone to reach the map. As you've noticed, it's been summoned, so it won't take precious space. You'll also receive new resources automatically. Sadly, you will have to spend more time protecting your Reaper Drones against enemy attacks. They're capable of returning fire or even harvesting your enemies, but they'll be helpless against larger groups of Novus units. Allow your Reaper Drone to go north, because that's where it will find a large stash of resources. I would also recommend summoning at least two more Reaper Drones in order to speed up this process. Additionally, it would be a good idea to command the Monolith units. Teleport them to the northern edge of the map and you should be able to find more resources there. Your Reaper Drones are fine right away, but you'll have to transport them to that location in a few minutes.

Second objective: Summon a Detection Drone - Mission 2 - part 1 - Hierarchy - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Second objective: Summon a Detection Drone

Fulfilling this mission objective shouldn't be a problem and it's only going to take you a few seconds to issue a specific command. Also, you don't have to worry that summoning the detection drone will attract the attention of enemy soldiers. You could try to gather more resources first, however it won't be necessary. I would recommend summoning the drone somewhere to the right of your main base building. You won't have to focus too much on finding a good landing zone, because you'll be able to move the drone once it has landed. Move it away from the western hill, so it won't get destroyed during some of the upcoming fights. You should also take your time to familiarize yourself with this new Hierarchy unit.

1 - Mission 2 - part 1 - Hierarchy - Universe at War: Earth Assault - Game Guide and Walkthrough
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