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V Rising: Weapons and combat techniques - types and ways of obtaining V Rising guide, tips

This page of the V Rising guide contains information about weapons and combat techniques. You will learn how the weapons available in the game work and how to combine them with other abilities.

Last update: 06 June 2024

On this page of the V Rising guide, you can learn more about weapons and combat techniques. We've listed the types of weapons, how to obtain and upgrade them.

Crafting weapons

Basic weapons can be crafted using the crafting menu in the character tab - V Rising: Weapons and combat techniques - types and ways of obtaining - Basics - V Rising Guide

Basic weapons can be crafted using the crafting menu in the character tab. Crafting basic weapons requires very common resources, such as Wood or Stone Brick . Such weapons are not the most powerful ones, but will serve their purpose at the beginning of the game.. You can unlock more powerful items by completing quests, learning the recipes for creating new structures, or by building Simple Workbench , Smithy or Anvil . These buildings allow crafting weapons of higher quality, albeit they require more unique resources and have a higher cost.

Types of weapons

There are 11 types of weapons in V Rising:

  1. Crossbows - the crossbow is a type of ranged weapon that uses bolts as ammo;
  2. Spears - The spear is a long-range melee weapon. its attacks can push opponents away;
  3. Swords - a sword will be your first weapon. Suitable for attacking enemies and destroying plants;
  4. Greatswords - slower than their smaller cousins, but dealing more damage;
  5. Slashers - a weapon consisting of two blades bent backwards. It will appeal to players who prefer fast and precise cuts;
  6. Reaper - a two-handed scythe attacking in a wide arc. Some skills also allow you to throw it;
  7. Whip - light and agile weapon suitable for medium-range combat;
  8. Pistols - they have a shorter range than bows or crossbows, but they make up for it with their rate of fire
  9. Axes - axes deal slash damage and allow you to destroy plants and trees;
  10. Maces - slow, but dealing heavy damage. Maces can shatter rocks and mineral nodes.

Weapon techniques

Each type of weapon has unique techniques that are assigned to the action bar. These unlock as you develop your hero and get new equipment. In V Rising you will find 3 weapon techniques:

  1. Weapon Technique 1 - this is a basic attack, available from the beginning of the game;
  2. Weapon Technique 2 - unlocks after obtaining a copper weapon or better;
  3. Weapon Technique 3 - is available after upgrading a weapon with iron or a higher quality resource.
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