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Valorant: Deathmatch - rules, tips Valorant guide, tips

Last update: 18 August 2020

This chapter of the Valorant guide has important information about the latest mode, Deathmatch, as well as a handful of tips that may be useful during the matches.

Deathmatch is a completely new mode added to Valorant with the 1.05 update released on August 5, 2020. Unlike the Unrated or Ranking mode, Deathmatch (free-for-all) is very dynamic - the matches last about 5-6 minutes and provide a lot of fun!

Before you start playing the new Deathmatch mode in Valorant, you should know a few tips that will increase your chance of winning, make it easier to play free-for-all matches, and help you get more kills - Valorant: Deathmatch - rules, tips - Basics - Valorant Guide

Deathmatch - general tips

Before you start playing the new Deathmatch mode in Valorant, you should know a few tips that will increase your chance of winning, make it easier to play "free-for-all" matches, and help you get more kills. These tips are mostly addressed to new players.

  1. In Deathmatch mode, the only things you can rely on are your own shooting skills so choose the weapon that best suits your playstyle - you have free access to all the weapons found in the store;
  2. The goal is to get 30 kills so there's no point hiding on the map and waiting for an opponent.;
  3. Deathmatch is a great warm-up before you enter ranked games;
  4. Listen to your surroundings - in Valorant, all sounds, such as footsteps, jumps, or gunshots are extremely well audible. This can help you greatly in determining the direction of incoming attacks or where the fight is currently taking place;
  5. Aim at the opponent's head - headshots are definitely the fastest way to eliminate the target. As you move around the map, try to keep your sight on the level of your opponent's head.
  6. Characters' skills are unavailable in Deathmatch so you don't have to worry about getting blinded, smokescreen and other tricks;
  7. Killed opponents drop first aid kits, which restore your character's health and armor, as well as automatically reload the weapon. This is worth remembering, especially when you are fighting more enemies - a manual reload can get you killed;
  8. Unlike in Unrated and Ranked modes, in a free-for-all, you will die a lot from shots to the back because there won't be anyone to cover you. When moving around maps, try to secure your character's back, e.g. by using elements of the environment or walls;
  9. Every match played in Deathmatch mode (regardless of win or lose) gives you 500 Experience Points. Assuming that each game lasts 6 minutes, you can get around 4,000 XP in an hour (plus matchmaking time) which unfortunately is not the best result. You can get more XP by playing matches in Unrated or Ranked modes;
  10. Unfortunately, you can't complete daily and weekly missions in Deathmatch mode.

Deathmatch - rules

Deathmatch mode is quite different from traditional Valorant modes where players must take care of the economy, buy equipment, and plant/disarm Spike. The rules of this new mode are different:

  1. 10 players enter the game and fight free-for-all on a random map;
  2. The player who gets 30 kills in the first 6 minutes or the one who has the most kills when the time runs out wins;
  3. You join the game with a random agent chosen from among those you own;
  4. Players don't have access to the character's skills so they only have to rely on their weapons;
  5. You can buy any gun in the store. You will also receive heavy armor;
  6. Killing opponents gives you the so-called Healthy Packs that not only replenish your health to the maximum, but also restore your armor and automatically reload the weapon;
  7. Every now and then all the players are revealed on the map so pay attention to the radar in the top left corner of the screen.
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