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Valorant Guide

Valorant Guide

Valorant FPS by Riot is free, this guide too! Beta tests, PC system requirements, best tips & tricks - our detailed walkthrough provides answers for all these questions. You can find out, among others, how to win every match as a team!

Last update: 28 April 2022

This game guide to Valorant discusses the most important features of the game and can be used to learn the key basics of in-game mechanics. The first major chapter of this guidebook contains beginner's guide to all basic features and elements available in Valorant. This chapter begins with a useful set of beginner's tips which are mainly dedicated to all novice gamers that want to start their adventure with Valorant. On the next pages of this chapter we address such important issues as, among other things, shooting, team play, moving around the map. Also, we explain in detail how to take care of the economy during the game and how it can affect the course of the match.

The second major chapter of this guide is the FAQ section in which we have answered important questions about the game, for example, whether the game is available on Faceit platform, how to change the nickname in the game, what age is required to play Valorant, how to track your stats by using the useful stat tracker and what game settings are being used by Hiko - a legendary Counter Strike player and currently the captain of 100 Thieves e-sports team in Valorant.

In the next large chapter of this guide we have prepared a detailed description of all maps available in the game. Here you will find all information on the best spots for the attacking team and defending team, as well as all the relevant callouts you can use during the game to improve your communication with the team. All names of particular areas and locations have been marked on large and detailed maps.

In the fourth major chapter of this guide, you can find a detailed overview of all characters available in Valorant, as well as read a lot of useful information about their skills and role in the team. A better knowledge of abilities of all agents will allow you to become a more successful and efficient player in the game.

The penultimate major chapter of our guide focuses on the quintessential feature of first-person shooter games, that is, on weapons. We have catalogued and described all weapons available in the game and enriched their description with useful tips and pictures which reveal the trajectory of their projectiles (including range of fire). After reading this chapter you will be able to get more control over your favorite weapon. This may have a significant impact on your game results.

This guide has been concluded with pages providing information about the best mouse settings, which is the main controller in first-person FPS games. Also, you can find information on controls and system requirements. On a separate page we have also described the most common problems that may occur during the game - we have prepared solutions to all these issues.

Guide and tips


  1. Beginner's guide and tips
  2. Best character
  3. Experience points - how to earn?
  4. How to shoot?
  5. Best crosshair
  6. Portals
  7. Team play
  8. Moving around the map
  9. Additional characters - unlocking
  10. Economy
  11. Fight - how to behave?
  12. Spike - planting and disarming
  13. Things to AVOID
  14. Ranking mode
  15. Battlepass
  16. Error codes, problems - solutions
  17. Spike Rush
  18. Best mouse settings


  1. Nick change - how to do it?
  2. Age - can younger gamers play?
  3. GB - how much free space do I need?
  4. Stat tracker - which one is the best?
  5. Hiko settings - what are they?
  6. 100 Thieves - who are they?
  7. Faceit - is the game there?
  8. Valorant Liquipedia - what is it?
  9. Closed beta - how to get access?


  1. All maps, callouts and tips
  2. Haven map description
  3. Haven - general tips
  4. Bind map description
  5. Bind - general tips
  6. Split map description
  7. Split - general tips


  1. List of all available characters
  2. Brimstone - Controller
  3. Omen - Controller
  4. Viper - Controller
  5. Jett - Duelist
  6. Phoenix - Duelist
  7. Raze - Duelist
  8. Reyna - Duelist
  9. Sage - Sentinel
  10. Cypher - Sentinel
  11. Sova - Initiator
  12. Breach - Initiator


  1. List of all weapons
  2. Sidearm
  3. Sub-machine guns
  4. Shotguns
  5. Rifles
  6. Sniper
  7. Heavy weapons

Quick beginner's guide

Before you start your adventures in Valorant, it's worth knowing the main tips that will increase your chance of victory, make team play easier and help you get more frags. The set of advice is primarily addressed to new players.

  1. Regularly communicate with your team - Valorant is based on team play and close collaboration of all players, so you should be in constant contact with the team, preferably by using a built-in voice chat.
  2. Listen to your surroundings - all sounds in Valorant, such as sounds of walking steps, jumping on crates, gunshots, spoken questions of characters, use of ultimate skills, throwing grenades, etc. are extremely well audible and will help you know which side your opponent may be coming from or where the fight is currently taking place.
  3. Loot weapons and items - remember that a dropped weapon, for example, after enemy's death can be picked up and collected. If the round has just ended and you have spotted a more valuable weapon on the ground then take it with you to the next round.
  4. Team purchases - in Valorant, players can buy equipment directly for another team member. Therefore, there is no need to buy weapons and drop them on the ground like in the case of Counter Strike Global Offensive.
  5. Carefully aim before you shoot your weapon - if you miss, you'll betray your position and you may not get a second chance to shoot.
  6. Shoot from the spot - always try to shoot at the end of the movement. Shooting while moving may significantly reduce your accuracy.
  7. Aim at opponent's head - headshots are definitely the fastest way to eliminate the target. As you move around the map, try to keep your sight on the level of your opponent's head.
  8. Check all corners and nooks - move around the map in such a way to check all areas. Players are usually attacked and shot when they go too far beyond the edge of the wall/obstacle.
  9. Disarm bombs - if an opponent sets up a bomb, it's not enough to just eliminate the whole team of enemy forces to complete the round. You also have to disarm the explosive charge. Only then will the round be completed in your favor. To disarm the bomb, stand in the middle of the marked circle and use a disarming device.
  10. Learn all maps - getting to know the map well will greatly increase your chances of winning the match. You will gain valuable information such as which way to move from point A to point B or where your opponents appear most often.
  11. Teleport - teleports available on Valorant maps work in one direction only. Once you have used a teleport, you won't be able to go back the same way.

FAQ - basics

We answer basic questions about the Valorant, for example, whether the game is free to play, where to download it from, whether there are micropayments in the game. It's a small compendium of knowledge about the content and changes introduced in the game.

Where can I download Valorant?

Valorant can be downloaded directly on the official website of the game. Click ON THIS LINK to visit the download page. After entering the website, just click on the "Download" button and the game client will be downloaded. The download process will start after you launch the client.

Is Valorant a free to play game?

Yes, Valorant is a free to play game for all players, but not everyone can participate in the closed beta tests. In order to get access to a closed beta you have to follow the appropriate steps. For more information about accessing the Valorant closed beta, please check the relevant section of this guide.

Are there any micropayments in Valorant?

Yes, there are micropayments available in Valorant. Valorant Points are used to do in-game shopping. Use them to buy cosmetic items and unlock other game content.

Does the progress made during the Valorant closed beta will be transferred to the full game?

No, at the end of the Valorant closed beta period, the game progress and all achieved content will be wiped to zero. However, players will be able to keep their Valorant Points - if you have bought the game currency, you will get it back with a 20% bonus. For example, if you buy 1,000 Valorant Points during a closed beta, you will receive 1,200 Valorant Points at the end of the testing phase.

Are there teleports on Valorant maps?

Yes, there are teleports available on Valorant maps that make it easier to move around the map from point A to B. However, please note that teleports only work in one direction, so you cannot use them to return to your previous position.

How many maps are there in Valorant?

A total of 4 maps were made available to players on the day of Valorant's release. Three of these were already available in the game's closed beta (Bind, Haven, Split) and received minor modifications, and a new Ascent map was included in the game for its official release.

Can you shoot through doors and obstacles in Valorant?

Yes, most weapons in Valorant have bullets that have a certain penetration power. This means that an opponent hiding behind a thin wall, door or lurking around the corner of a wooden crate cannot feel completely safe. An obstacle between the player and target will absorb some of the damage received, but cannot completely eliminate it. When a target is eliminated by shooting through an obstacle, an icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen.

Are headshots deadly in Valorant?

Yes, headshots in Valorant are extremely dangerous and cause a lot of damage. By using stronger weapons that the basic firearms, players are able to inflict tremendous amount of damage that can kill an opponent with a single shot.

Is there a bhopping mechanic in Valorant?

Yes, on official promotional content provided by Riot Games, which can be found on their official YT channel, you can notice that professional players testing Valorant use the Bhopping technique. Bhopping (Bunny hop) is a technique that is used to increase character mobility. Bhopping allows you to stay in constant motion. Just use the jump button (pressed immediately after touching the ground) and strafe a lot.

Is Valorant available on Steam?

No, Valorant is not available on VALVE platform. To play Valorant, the player must download The Riot Games client, which is available here.

Are there ultimate skills in Valorant?

Yes, each of the characters available in Valorant has a special ultimate skill. The ultimate ability is enabled after you have killed enough enemies or collected some power spheres available on the map.

Can you pick up a weapon dropped by your enemy in Valorant?

Yes, the defeated opponent drops his weapon and you can pick it up. Most importantly, you can move with the looted weapon to the next round and save some cash in the shopping round.

Do I have to stand in a certain place when disarming a bomb in Valorant?

Yes, to disarm a bomb in Valorant, you have to be in the right spot (the points where the bomb is placed are indicated by the letters A, B and C). Furthermore, the disarming player must be located in the middle of the disarming circle in order to start the procedure.

Is Valorant available on consoles?

Unfortunately, Valorant is not available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Currently, Valorant can only be played on PCs and there is no official information whether the game will be available for consoles or not.

When will Valorant offer ranked matches?

The ranked mode was not supplied in Valorant on the official release date of June 2, 2020. On the game's official website, it can be read that Valorant's ranking matches will be added in one of the subsequent patches after the premiere. Developers first want to focus on the stability of service and servers before launching matchmaking.

System Requirements

Below we have listed the official minimum PC system requirements of Valorant. It is worth noting the fact that the developers managed to keep the hardware requirements of Valorant as low as possible, and at the same time provide every player with a great gaming comfort - even while playing on older equipment.

  1. Operating System - Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
  2. Processor - Intel Core i3-370m 2.4 GHz
  3. Memory - 4 GB RAM
  4. Graphics card - Intel HD 3000 or better
  5. Disk space - about 10 GB

Read more on the separate page: System requirements.

About Valorant Guide

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Translator : Filip "Mithgandir" Liebert

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Valorant Video Game

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