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World War Z Guide

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Can you play World War Z offline? World War Z guide, tips

Last update: 08 May 2019

World War Z requires close cooperation of 4 players in a team in order to swiftly complete missions - this is even more crucial on higher difficulty levels where enemies are more aggressive, deal more damage and resources are scarce. This, however, does not mean that the player is forced to play with others - everyone can play in offline mode. You will learn more about the offline mode from this chapter.

You can decide to play in offline mode from the main menu screen. - Can you play World War Z offline? - FAQ - World War Z Guide
You can decide to play in offline mode from the main menu screen.

Offline mode - characteristics

World War Z gives access to two modes - offline and online. In online, you will be paired with other players willing to join you in your adventure - if there are not enough players to start the game with, the slots will be filled with AI controlled bots. The offline mode works differently:

You will not be paired with other people, the team will be automatically filled with AI controlled bots.

The bots will follow you around during the mission, assisting you in combat and completing objectives. They will not rush forward, will not act on their own and they will not complete objectives on their own.

Offline mode - hints

To sum up, we present a handful of tips regarding the offline mode in World War Z:

The offline mode is useful when you do not have connection to the internet - it works, quite literally, in the offline mode.

AI controlled bots are quite effective on Easy, Normal and Hard difficulties. They, however, are not very good on higher difficulties (Very Hard and Insane) - if you are willing to play on those difficulty levels, it is highly advised to play with other people instead.

Do not heal bots. They will constantly lose health and healing them will just waste your medkit - the bot will deplete its health back in a matter of seconds. Hold on to the medkits and use them on your own character.

Bots will provide excellent cover against special enemies. They will be constantly following you - if you are grabbed by, for instance, a Bull, they will quickly eliminate the threat.

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